Mustache Trials

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Escapes? This is a story of trials, of tribulations, and of great loss.

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im Dj mustacio..... and i approve of this flash


Pure Awesome keep up the good work!

Neat interpretation

It was a neat interpretation of freedom.
-Pros: It was kinda funny at the end. The overall animation was flawless. You also had an original idea. I liked the replay button at the end too.
-Cons: You didn't credit the audio artist (Maximum the Hormone). You should always give credit where credit is due. There really wasn't anything keeping me on this animation other than the anticipation of something cool or unexpected to happen (which did). The end joke wasn't THAT funny, but to some people it may be freakin hilarious.
-Suggestions: Give credit to your audio supplier. You might work on your comedic formula. The typical NGr wants to see something explode or be overly violent, preferably in a combination. I was half expecting a duck hunter to blow the freakin mustache apart. You might want to factor this in the next time you come up with an idea.
*Don't expect NGrs to understand or appreciate interpretive works like this. You seem to know what you're doing, so I'll leave it at that.

Sillyand stylish

It's not a flashterpiece or anything, but it was pretty entertaining. It kind of reminded me of a funny take on a diamond commercial. The animation was well-done, but maybe a little too lacking in background -- the bland white kind of got old. I liked the tone of the first half, although the "mustache interception" could have had more entertainment value if the visual style changed along with the music. The quality of that second song didn't help, either. Adding color, movement, or other visual excitement at the end would have done the trick, I think. A good submission, but not great.

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3.43 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2009
7:33 PM EDT
Comedy - Original