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Sorry it was so rushed. Unfortunatley Last sunday I thought "I know I'll play runescape! I've grown out of it now so I wont take too long on it. I'll have about 3 hours to make my flash that'll be enough." Of course runescape is one addictive game. Eventually I had 1 hour left to finish my flash. School on monday didn't help and it helped much less that I once again get bombarded with homework but I got it done by waking up 2 hours earlier today then after school finishing it. It took me till half past 9 to finish it.

Anyway This is the flash I've worked the hardest on. I'm surprised at the amount of time it took me to make this. If I count up the last 3 day I took 5 hours. I used to make a flash in that time! Sure it did get blammed but this one is decent so hopefully it is at least worth a pass. I rushed the audio at the end so sorry if it doesn't fit.

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