30 Ways To Kill Hank!

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Well did you?

Neway, here it is!
30 Ways to Kill Hank!
It took long cuz i was going to add loads of other things but then I thought it wouldn't be done in time!

Who agrees with me that this would be Tricky's favorite game? (or maybe the Auditor, or Jebus?)

Happy Madness Day 09!


Beta Testers - smashman234 and LavaGuy101.
Special Thanks - Krinkels and Newgrounds.


.... You know what?
I just don't care anymore.
It was just a rushed attempt tom get someything in for Madness Day.
I don't care what you say.
So you can blam it if you wish.

Nuff said.


nice idea, bad animation (sorry)

okay, im gonna be honest here. this was a nice idea, which is kinda the reason i'm giving this a 2/10 but seriously, i think you need to improve totally on your animation skills.

the audio is very.. not pleasent in quality, and like i said you need to totally improve on your animation skills and practice a lot before u submit your stuff to here, and some of these here are the same exact ones but with a different weapon each time, and hell even sometimes the gun is positioned wrong, or the hands are misplaced or it's too fast, like the revolver one, i didn't see an absolute thing about it, i had to replay it like 3 times to see what happened, lol.
also one last thing im going to say is what the hell is up with hanks feet? they look like black dildos, honestly.

im going to give u a 2/10 for the idea, and just of how funny it was for some of the clips (for me) and like i said, you need to improve on your animation skills by adding more frames and raise the fps a lot. i may suggest go on youtube and look up tutorials, those things help out a lot.

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hate to say this

its a nice game but...i dont like people making games about killing my favourite heroes

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like it

dont worry if everyone hates your game but i can still help you i like it too.......:)

Big shit

you should make better vids and not THIS crap!!!



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2.55 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2009
1:20 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click