Day of the Madness

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The third episode is out.

$200, Review Crew, Weekly First, Daily First, THANKS!!

NOTE: I highly recommend you set the quality to either LOW or Medium (click on those "HML" buttons to toggle quality.)

Hey ladies and gents
Well I'm here today on this glorious Madness day with a sequel to last year's Madness zombie movie "Dawn of the Madness"
The file size is a bit over the limit, so be patient. This movie is pretty lengthy too, so just like last year, pop up some popcorn. I must say, I'm satisfied with this movie and hope you'll like it.

The movie picks up right where Dawn left off, packed with more zombies, violence, and characters.

P.S. I am aware that the text can get a little trippy at times, this is the fault of transferring the file from my desktop to a laptop to export it. I fixed most of the text, but the main reason why some of it twitches is because it was written with a font that my desktop had, and my laptop didn't have. Sorry

Thank you all for the kind words and support and I hope you enjoy this film

EDIT: Thanks for the Reviews and stuff guys, makes me feel real fuzzy inside. Trust me, I read every single review I get, I just don't really feel like responding to all of them. Just consider it thanks in advance.

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Really good animation! I just feel a lot of the assets of the environment don't really fit in sometimes. For an example. The bench right when the entered the building, and the names on the doors. (which is acceptable) But besides that I love this series so much, its still a five star from me boysss

It's amazing the level of detail you had for the time, especially in the moment where Rostello eates Captn. Rhodes heart with mustard. So amazing... Love this series.

Saw this as i kid. Along with other brutal shit. I love you for making my childhood a whole lot more sinister, sir.

This brings back a lot of childhood memories and this lowkey scared me. But aye it’s good to watch this again.

You gave me childhood to your series! Thank you!