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Madness Retribution

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Here it is the first madness retribution! Be sure to watch closely for a plot line that leads to the second animation!Enjoy the Movie!

P.S. Vote Five ;)


ok ok

needs more action


Good flash, a different main characters, fastpaced music, lots of action, varied angles, great blood/fire effects. All in all it has everything a madness animation should have, keep up the great work!


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FClock responds:


a bit rough but ok

The walking seemed a bit off and the pauses on a scene before something happens (like showing the guy laying there with head missing) seemed a bit too long. Also some people may call you out on how some scenes seem to be pretty similiar to scenes from Kriinkles's work. I know its a tribute but people might give you some grief about you ripping off Krinkles. Still this could turn into something great and its more than I have done on this site so keep it up.

its ok

the animation is cool and the story cool but the movements are not too cool :/ anyways i liked it

Pretty well made.

It reflects the reason I can't focus on animating for long. I get lazy and don't use enough frames. That was the only complaint I had for this, needed more frames.

The violence, the shooting, the everything was good but it was uneven due to random changes in frame usage. Some actions were split second movements instead of long and pretty ones. I hope you make another because you can do great things, just keep testing the movie as you make it to air our the inconsistency.

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3.74 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2009
8:01 AM EDT