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mellow men madness 2

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i'm not sure if i should make a new one after this u tell me if i should. oh yeah also it's way short please try not to grade low because it's short. i started in the beginning of august until now. i will add more just wait. >PLEASE SUBMIT TO MADNESS DAY 09 COLLECTION<


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make a new one

do another one plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!! it is hilarous!!!!!


i dont get it were is the fuckin plot at i like da ida of marshmollos thats funny i could tell it was madness realted nice try thogh i give u porps

m103904 responds:

i cnt seem to stir up a plot so for now their isn't one


fuck this all

fffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk this all

It was Alright

I wouldn't say this was the worst flash i have seen, but i wouldn't say it was the best. I could definitely tell it was madness based, and the marshmallow idea was kinda neat. The quality severely lacked though.

Not only am i talking about the actual quality, i am talking about the flashes quality as a whole. There wasn't a plot, which is a big minus, and some of the graphics seemed to differ than the rest of the flash.

The part where the truck rolls in, it seemed as if the truck was drawn in Microsoft Paint while everything else was done in flash. Another example is the ending, where the it shows the zoomed in scope. For some reason the background is white when it should clearly be a grayish color.

Speaking about graphics, the explosions were also lacking in that department. The explosions inside the building were bearable, the one from the bomb was clearly rushed. It was only a circle that expanded to fill the frame.

Next time maybe add some subtitles or something before the movie to give the setting, or even a little info page explaining why this is going on.

m103904 responds:

everything was draw in ms paint some of the things are not mine like the blood and muzzle flash