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Madness 3D Combat

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PLEASE remember to add this to the Madness 09 collection. Thanks

THANKS for the front page. Really awesome ;D

So a lot of the reviews have been saying things like its crap and its not even Madness. I appreciate your input, but i would like to stress that this was EXPERIMENTAL. Think about how many Mandess 3D games you have played before... Please think about this when you decide to vote. THANKS.

So youv'e all been complainig about the recoil and the trees. I THOUGHT YOU GUYS LIKED A CHALLENGE. The trees were made to get in the way. Thats why i gave you the ability to destroy them. And the recoil just makes it even harder. I didn't design the game to be easy hahaha. Ill have to change it for next years entry...

Its Mandess Day here in Australia so its time to whip out your gun again. Heres our submission for the Madness Day 09.

Walk around and shoot up enemies, including Zombies and Jesus!

Controls are listed in the game but here they are anyway...

WASD or ARROW keys - Move in 3D Space
SPACE - Shoot Forward


Gain points by killing enemies or kicking heads. Survive as long as you can, as the enemies get faster and numerous.

Please notify us of any glitches which you find in-game.

Sometimes the trees will disappear. This is because either a bullet, or an enemy, has run into them frequently.

Submit your score below, and any suggestions for a 3D shooter for Madness 2010


NOTE: If the game runs slowly, you might want to open it up in a different window. Also could you submit this to the Mandess 09 collection just in case...

Ive noticed that sometimes the screen seems to be cut off by a grey screen. THIS IS NOT THE GAMES FAULT, it must simply be a glitch in Newgrounds. If this happens please play in pop-up mode

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Nice game, i like it!