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Home of Madness

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Here is my first flash submission under this account and my first ever submission to a Newground's "Holiday" / contest. I am extremely excited that I was able to get this done in time.

This idea evolved from a stupid conversation I was having with YungJazz about how funny it would be if Krinkels was really a softy under his tough exterior. I wrote up very loose script and we recorded some lines in his basement. I started animating before I left for college and was able to finish it just in time for Madness Day.

Special thanks to YungJazz for the voices and support.
Special thanks to islandchick for the support and helping me with the color scheme (I love you)
Thanks to Jim for supplying the dog doodle.

I hope you all like this and Happy Madness Day!

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needs work

The animation was crappy, not to sound rude but you should have had jazz help you with it. Audio was a little messed up, but i understand you werent going for that. The story line could have been better, i did like the concept tho, going into a mad house only to find it all bright and bubbly on the inside, i did like the puppy part that made me laugh, i gave you a three because i laughed, and i gave you a 4 cause you were working with jazz and i figured that this was more than likely your first animation, and also because you gave an effort. Just get better thats all i can tell you, keep working and you will be a great animator in no time, all and all good attempt guys.

dirtshake responds:

YungJazz actually helped me out with a lot of this but it was mostly on my own. Though there are many times when we just chill in my basement animating (best way to do it btw) but I get what you're saying.

Thanks for the review too. This isn't my first animation, you can find some of my work in the Disturbed Collab (I did three parts) and I have an earlier movie on my old account. I am practicing more and trying to make more movies since practice is the only way to get better in animation for the most part.

I'm glad you liked the idea of the story. I wish I could have made a sequel for this year's Madness Day or something but life got in the way.

Thanks for your review.

- dirtshake


the only rason i gave u a 4 is becouse well it sucked besides the fuckin aniamation but nice try thogh

dirtshake responds:

Thank you... I think. Next one will be better.


it's a suprise ending so i liked that. it has good animation whitch is another good thing. and overall it was a little short. other than that ok movie

dirtshake responds:

Thanks for the review. I'm glad you liked it.

- dirtshake


i didnĀ“t like is very bad

dirtshake responds:

So what was bad about it? Are you going to tell me anything else? Or are you just going to leave me a grammatically challenged review???

- dirtshake


Its kinda funny yeh...but u get only 8 stars from me....cuz your audio is kinda screwed....sometimes you can`t hear sh*** and 1 second later its so loud that your ears r hurtin' :(

dirtshake responds:

The audio is weird. YungJazz and I weren't looking for good quality, just trying to get it done quickly. It's a lame reason and I will definitely have a higher quality of audio next time.

Glad you liked it otherwise.

- dirtshake