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Madness Juxtaposition 2

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Author Comments

*Edit: Wow! The fifth movie to be put in to the Madness Day 2009 collection!!! Thanks so much guys, really an honor.

It's hard to believe for me that it's already been a year since I threw together Madness Juxtaposition. I couldn't believe it already snuck up again on me, I was just browsing Newgrounds and I saw Tom mention it on a newspost. I freaked out, tore my hair out, and managed to get this sequal out in a few days. I'm happy with it for how limited time I have.

If you want to keep up with the "story" feel free to look up Madness Juxtaposition in my other movies. But you really don't need to, this works on its own.


gotta hate jerks like the guy below me...

and that was really cool. I had no idea who the characters were, but it looked pretty cool from the start. I liked how you were able to insert hank into the story.
The zombies looked really weird. a jedi zombie? but it was cool anyway.

MF-TheBrain responds:

Yep, but they're just that, jerks. I try not to let it bug me, but thanks for the sympathy.

Thanks for the review, and yeah there's five special zombies, that's the idea of the "Juxtaposition", there was a Jedi Zombie, a Super-Hero Zombie, a Wizard Zombie, a Ninja Zombie, and even an Alien Zombie.

The Savior is taking the greatest heroes of other worlds to combat Hank, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green!

Wow or Blah?

I loved this animation I really do. The art was unique but it gave the animation a kick which I liked. I'm not expecting this to be anything like Krinkel's Madness animation but it lacked something. There was gore :D, blooooood :D:D, Guns (insert super face here) but it didn't have the madness feel. Like everytime you watch Krinkel's madness you think something awesome is going to happen, like the start GETS you ready for the blood and gore. This one just went into the action, which wasn't what I was looking for. But this animation was awesome. Don't try too hard. But keep it up!!!
Gonzo ~ out
P.S. The yellow glasses guy is cool :O

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MF-TheBrain responds:

I'm happy you enjoyed it!

All of the criticism for this installment has been great to read, I already have a lot of ideas for how to improve Juxtaposition 3. I'll work on the build up for the next one for sure.

You're the first person to mention liking a certain character, it brought a smile to my face to see someone noticed subtle differences between Yellow, Red, Green, and Blue. Yellow is actually based on a character from another Flash animation I have coming out sooner or later named "Misadventure" and is actually the character pictured in my avatar, so for more gun-toating high jinks be sure to keep an eye on me!

Thanks for the review.

it as realy

boring uptothe part where the four super zombies came in but then it went to the tobecontinued part!?!?

MF-TheBrain responds:

Didn't like Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue fighting the honor guard guys? Sorry to hear that! It was supposed to be the real meat of the movie.

I'll try to improve the pace, but I understand your criticism. I didn't want the movie to extend past the legnth of the song, perhaps that was a mistake!

Thank you for the review!

Nice art work.

I really liked this. It's important to me that people throw their on spin on Madness flashes, and you did that very well. You had a story and cast of characters and overall I only felt that it was good. My problem with it was that it was a little slow paced. I think if the movie would have moved quicker I would have voted higher.

Not bad though.

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MF-TheBrain responds:

Thanks a lot for your kind words! Most Madness days I get sick of everyone trying to emulate Krinkles to the letter, and usually being very well rewarded for it. Made my day to hear you appreciated me throwing my own style in.

This is much more fast paced than my first Juxtaposition movie, but it seems to still be the main criticism, I'll have to keep working at it.

Thanks again for the review.


I believe it is awesomesauce that is in dire need of pretty badass packaging and distributed to every goddamn doorstep. KTHX

Wonderful work! Awesome arts and I'm -pretty- sure I seen some bandages. Which is awesome to me!! The music fits well too!!

MoarPl0x? :3

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MF-TheBrain responds:

I don't think I'm worthy of such praise, but I do thank you for it!

As for "moar"; as the end of the movie stats, next Madness Day!

But I should have more original projects out before then. Keep up on my profile or website. :)

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Credits & Info

4.02 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2009
8:41 PM EDT