Madness Juxtaposition 2

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*Edit: Wow! The fifth movie to be put in to the Madness Day 2009 collection!!! Thanks so much guys, really an honor.

It's hard to believe for me that it's already been a year since I threw together Madness Juxtaposition. I couldn't believe it already snuck up again on me, I was just browsing Newgrounds and I saw Tom mention it on a newspost. I freaked out, tore my hair out, and managed to get this sequal out in a few days. I'm happy with it for how limited time I have.

If you want to keep up with the "story" feel free to look up Madness Juxtaposition in my other movies. But you really don't need to, this works on its own.

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very good

however, do you even know what juxtaposition is? It's actually like a oxymoron or a simile.


Cool work you made there and i cant wait for Madness day 2010...
i just would like to know who are the blue green red and yellow guys and from where did they came.

MF-TheBrain responds:

Original characters :) You'll find out more about them in the coming Madness Day, promise!


who was the first zombie that savior made? he looked like some kind of superman XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the second one was like a henchman or something XD the third one was like a fukin black night with knives XDDD and the fourth one was a dam alien XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MF-TheBrain responds:

Yep, that's the idea of the Juxtaposition, the Savior is taking iconic figures from other worlds, so there is a super-hero, a ninja, a wizard, an alien, and a jedi :D

well its ok

but to slow continued next madness day but great job

pretty neat

now this is one of hell flash movie =D

MF-TheBrain responds:

Thanks much :D