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Here is an itneractive look at two power players in the ongoing healthcare debate: the Moderate Democratic Senator and the Conservative Republican Congressman. See what they have to say about the debate and then respond...


I'll buy me a new ghetto bluster first. haha

"Debate" right...

Nice to see this was kept fair and completely devoid of bias.

*looks at the poorly drawn image of the conservative*

Oh... wait...

Ugh, you stupid liberals

You always have to skew the truth, don't you? What you clearly don't know is that France has a great amount of debt because of their inexpensive health care, and the doctors earn a lot less because of it. So as a result there are less opportunities for success in the medical field, or do you just want everyone to make the same amount of money? With the US's great deficit, a health care plan is the last thing we need, especially since a good number of diseases can be easily avoided (See: H1N1), and don't try to push that healthcare is going to be free. I got a $1500 bill for not even going to the doctor once after the bill was passed, now what was this you were saying about free healthcare? Use your fucking head. 4 for making the commentator properly represent liberal idiocy.

Great but...

Great bit, but last I checked the WHO rankings, Cuba ranked far ABOVE the US.

The funny factor saved this thing from a 0.

Very, very funny. I especially loved the 'special pie" part. THe cartoon does seem rather biased against Rupublicans, though.

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