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Stinkytoons Healthcare

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Sep 21, 2009 | 4:35 AM EDT

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Here is an itneractive look at two power players in the ongoing healthcare debate: the Moderate Democratic Senator and the Conservative Republican Congressman. See what they have to say about the debate and then respond...



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I'll buy me a new ghetto bluster first. haha


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Great but...

Great bit, but last I checked the WHO rankings, Cuba ranked far ABOVE the US.


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some truth, sweet truth, email this to all your friends, 37th?! did we fall and bump our head? let's get it together

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I've worked in the Health Insurance business

...and let me tell you, Health Care isn't the problem. Health Insurance is the problem. Health Organizations ran as businesses are also the problem. Health Insurance started as a means to provide health coverage in case you fell on hard times. But then insurers started collaborating with providers, telling them they'll funnel lots of business to them if they get a discount on services. This arrangement has ballooned out of control, with insurers threatening to take their customers elsewhere unless providers discount their rates more and more. So, providers have to jack up their rates more and more to meet cost and get a bit of profit for their services rendered, since most of their business is insurance customers that get a 40, 50, sometimes up to 75% discount due to contractual agreement with the insurance provider.

The kicker to this is two-fold. If you decide not to have insurance and pay out of pocket for everything, you'll be paying the inflated rates providers have jacked up to combat insurance contracts, and you'll be robbed blind. So, you have to have insurance if you expect to pay some reasonable amount of money. In other words, Health Insurance is really a "Health Discount".

The other kicker is that Health Insurance companies still pass on a lot of the cost to you via deductibles and crap. You can buy up a larger deductible to reduce your monthly rate. But, let's say you have $2000 dedcutible. That means the first $2000 of health expenses you rack up...YOU PAY FOR. The Health Insurance company still passes on the discounted rate to you, but you still get socked with the bill.

Another kicker is that with Health Insurance acting as a middleman, a middleman that doesn't want to spend money unless ABSOLUTELY necessry, they will deny claims for preventative care in some cases. EG: I had to get a jaw surgery to prevent deterioration of my jaw bone which would have lead to TMJ. I had to pay for it all out of pocket ($10,000), since the Insurance company said I didn't have a current problem. So, I would have had to wait for it to become a problem before they would do something about it. And by then, they would deny coverage on it, since it was a "pre-existing condition".

I'm all for doctors and hospitals running a business and making a profit. Lord knows we need health care. But the burgeoning Health Insurance middleman has totally tossed a wrench in the works. To put it into perspective, it would be a 2-ton wrench tossed into a car's engine. But since it's become so large and a part of the system (and has deep pockets), good luck trying to get rid of this monkey.

As for Obama-care, he's not trying to socialize the whole system. He's just trying to get a public health insurance option so everyone can choose to be insured via the government rather than having to rely on a private organization. Essentially it would be like expanding Medicade/Medicare so all citizens can partake in it if they so choose, not just the poor and elderly. However, when he says he can do that WITHOUT RAISING TAXES ... that's bullshit. It will cost us (the taxpayers) more money, even if people who partake pay a small monthly fee for it. The government never runs as efficiently as a business, so it'll just create more burgeoning government, more paperwork (for us and them) ... and it eats into the private sector/market. As a capitalist economy, we would ideally put reforms into place to control Health Insurance, and get private market Health Insurance to change for the better, not make a government version since private sector sucks. It's pretty stupid.

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Very good

A really good political cabaret show!

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