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An assignment for my Web Animation final. Animate a scene with: two tweened characters at least, a music track, lip sync, voice, and the characters must interact.


A daily feature? Aw, shucks guys. :D

EDIT: Also, I got an A.


Aha, it's finally done. Still, not my best work ever, as it shows I was a little strained for time, but it's my first actual finished thing.

There's probably a good number of people who won't appreciate the flash in-jokes (hopefully not on this site), but at the very least, I owe it to Josh and Noah for pulling off some very entertaining voice work, because I never got tired of watching this over and over for test plays.

Voices are Tomamoto as the titular characters and Lefthandedsock as the hypocrite bartender. Thanks for the help!

The music is from Dead Rising. And sounds were found randomly on findsounds.com.


Best I've seen today!

Although that's really not sayin' much. Still very creative though!

AtroxChobatsu responds:

Haw, thanks anyways! XD

Very Cool!

Nice writing and concept! Very Funny, and it's so true. I thought the contrast of the frame by frame and tweening animation was done well.

AtroxChobatsu responds:

Thanks! I wanted there to be a contrast as well as a joke. XD


I like this flash. Good animation on the fbf guy. I see that you opted for a good flash rather than a titty shitty gangbang hentai-fest with penis jokes that would normally get you like 300,000 views and a score of at least 4.0

Good job on averting yourself from the path of talentless hackery and newgrounds fame.

AtroxChobatsu responds:

hehhhh, thanks!

Great flash

I 100% agree with jaxxy said. This flash should of gotten a 4.50 or better. Anyways here my review.

What a great argument between FBF and the stick tween. The characters where nicely done. That drunken voice was nicely done i made me believe he was drunk. I felt bad for the stick tween when the bartender refused to serve the tween. The FBF should of put of more of a fight after the tween called him "Obsolete". I think that argument ended in a tie. (but that just me) Hope too see more in the near future and keep up the great work.

AtroxChobatsu responds:

Well I dunno, 4.50 is a bit much. I'd say around the 3.50s range would be a little more fitting. I was doing this at the same time as I was working on a 6+ page essay on Stonehenge, a clay replica of Stonehenge, a 15-page comic (still not done!) and a 15-second compositing assignment. With all that, I think my animation came out a bit lacking. There were plenty of opportunities to have the characters move while they acted, but I didn't do them, instead having the characters freeze into their poses. Basically what I'm trying to say is that, while I did what I could with the time I had allowed (the assignment is due tomorrow as I write this) it's not THAT good. 4.50 seems more about SamBakZa and Adam Phillips' range, and they had much more time to work on their stuff.

But all in all, thank you. I did mean for the ending to be sort of a tie. XD


An enjoyable arguement. i really felt bad for FBF when called ''obsolete''. I mean thats just harsh man. FBF should have taken the piss a bit more and talked about how much more soul he has lol. but yeah, nice animation and well written.

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AtroxChobatsu responds:

I think he proved he had a soul when he started to cry. XD

Thanks! :D

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Sep 21, 2009
2:40 AM EDT
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