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Windows What?

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The first episode :D
Sort of introducing the characters.

"Two Continue" by Onision

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Windows Wife was Robot

What indeed?

This is one of those submissions where there doesn't seem to be anything that good or bad about it. It was interesting to see a new series being made. You did do a pretty good job at introducing the characters. The main fault with this is the animation. Everything just seems too off model to really enjoy that much. I think most of the jokes weren't that well paced, especially how they seemed to be a bit too short and jumped too quickly.

I suggest you also put some sound effects that play during the episode. It was a bit funny how I saw that there were windows in the beginning of the episode. Okay, that was a lame joke. Your characters should probably have more depth to them, so put them in a situation that might express their personalities better. There did seem to be some heart in this, though.

not bad

when is that your first flash then i say only : WOOW
when that not you first is i say: keep working ^^

Not bad

I would like to see you practice drawing and FBF animating, but it's halfway to becoming a decent flash sitcom.
it's time consuming, but it'll pay off!

Looks promising

from all the crap that's been passing lately this one looks remotely promising, can't wait for the next part.

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3.89 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2009
7:39 AM EDT