Half Assed Pirates

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RE-Edit; OH. MAI. GAWDDD. WE GOT 2ND PLACE IN THE PIRATE COMPETITION!!!!?!!? D8 THAT IS AMAZING. YAYAYAYAYAY!!! I'm gunna cook a pizza or something tonight in celebration! 8D I would like to thank Tom, Tomamoto, Egoraptor, and Bocodamondo for all the support and motivation for getting me to finish this on time. I never thought I would have won anything!! D: Thanks everyone! <3

Edit; Oh my GODDDD. FRONT PAGE FOR THIS GARBAGE!? I hope it was only for the voice and NOT the animation...cuz the voice is fuck'n awesome. D8< THANKS for that though.

Maaan, Pirate Day was fun and all, but I felt the need to make something decent for it...even though I spent a few hours (not counting the 3 times Flash CS4 crashed on me) tonight making this crap.
So here's to my first half-assed tween flash animation....I feel ashamed and naked and I hope I never have to do it again.



I loved the seriousness of it and then counldnt stop laughing at the end :D

great great!

loved the comedy for sure. :)

well that was good ending !

I wouldnt gess that the ending will be like that !

Well done!

I listened to that sound clip in the audio portal section and I was wondering why there wasn't a flash to go with it. And wonder of wonders, now there is! The voice over was well done. Very funny! Good stuff, man. Keep it up!

jaxxy responds:

I wondered the same thing....and tried to get this done before pirate day was over - at least I made it on MY side of the planet.

Shit funny

LOL, I did not see that one coming!

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Sep 20, 2009
5:03 AM EDT

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