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DBZ: "Saiyan's Paradise"

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http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=c_PcuMVYBag&

Lyrics Written by myself and sung by myself.
Animation by Camron23 (and is an amazing animator!) (And Yes! we do, do commissions if anyones interested!)

Parody of the Songs "Gangsters Paradise" and "Amish Paradise", set to dbz

Audio is being tweaked by Airrest to have better sound quality =)

This is a WIP but, I wanted to test the waters, and see what people thought =)


As I fly with my pod into outer space,
I take a look at my life, and wonder where the hell's race,
Cause I have been blastin lastin so long that,
Even Nappa thinks that Im super strong.
But I aint never crossed Namek that didnt diserve,
me be treated like a prince, you know thats unheard of
You better watch out where you walkin and where your flying,
cause I'll explode your planet and laugh as your dying
I really hate the trips but i gotta go,
going to differents planets takes a couple year or so
Fool, I'm the kinda Elite that little lowbies wanna be like,
Oh em gee's that is right, Being Ozuro in the moonlight.

Been spending most our
lives living in a saiyan's paradise,
go ape almost every night,
living in a saiyans paradise,
we all fight, we dont play nice,
living in a saiyans paradise,
we sell planets at discount price,
living in saiyans paradise

forget the situation, frieza got me facin
I can't live normal life, i'm the best of elites
But I gotta be down with the Ginyu team,
Friggin poser posey pussys need their clocks cleanred.
I'm a elite saiyan prince, with a wish on my mind,
Gotcha your balls in my hand, and the rest I can find

I'm 2 foot shorter then most other men,
but when it comes to where it counts I got 10 out of 10, Fool
Death aint nothing but a galic gun away,
I'll put you down like dog, now play dead and stay
Im gonna be trainin, will I ever hit Super saiyan
the way things is goin I don't know

Tell me why are we
So blind to see
that 9000 jokes
just arnt funny

We've been spending most our lives
Living in a Saiyans paradise.
We're all tough and no one cries,
Living in a Saiyans paradise.
All this hair is hard with lice
Living in a Saiyans paradise.
This spandex Chafs my thighs,
Living in a Saiyans paradise.

Power up my level ,level up my the power
Chargin up ma lazer,
throw away my scouter
Think you can take, wanna have a shot?
Then Go take a number, In the line with Kakarot

I guess you'll never learn,
so vegeta's here to teach you,
Beat a saiyan once, 2nd time he will beat you!
I guess you can't
I guess you wont
I guess you don't
Thats why I know im laughing at your corps fool.

We've been spending most our lives
Living in a Saiyans paradise.
we're wished back when someone dies,
Living in a Saiyans paradise.
we all blaime the scouter it lies!
Living in a Saiyans paradise.
At frieza we met our demise,
Living in a Saiyans paradise.

Tell me why Can't we
look in the sky and see.
The giant orange ball,
and still Not flee?


i cant stop watching!

the drawings are great, the voices are f#%@ing great, this is perfection.

CowJedi sucks...

Just thought I'd get that out of the way... His Vegeta voice was bad and so was his "rewrite" which consisted of only changing a few lines... My bad, taking all of Trixen's lyrics and adding a bunch of other "paradises" I guess...

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Trixen responds:

Im so glad you agree... Part of my issue is not that he made his version, but the fact he had to use so many elements of mine... And then he was jerk enough to say that my version is "an attempt". What a joke? I mean its so easy to steal from someone when there version isnt even complete yet, this is a story board of a product still being animated! And the fact that he is even smug enough to say "Lyrics Written by: Cowjedi" Is a load of crap as well, he uses MY lyrics. "Parody based on Coolio's "Gangster's Paradise" as well as Weird Al Yankovich's "Amish Paradise" " More like Parody based on MY work, which was based on those 2 songs!

The best I can do is let people know the truth, and then if they know the truth they can inform others.. Thank you so much for your support on this, its horrible having someone steal something you made as a labor of love for a show you appreciate.


What kind of petty crap is this? Cow Jedi likes the idea of a DBZ parody with this song, so he re-writes this crap quality version you made, and does a much better job of it. Then you go on that one video site that everybody uses (Not sure if the rules permit me to mention it by name) and get his account suspended? Are you seven? Sure, he got the idea to write it from you, but his lyrics and voice acting were original. He didn't steal anything of yours. Get over yourself.

Now for the actual content: The idea has promise, but the quality of both your drawings and voice acting needs work. Cow was also correct in his review when he stated that the lyrics need to be tweaked. His version was near perfect, though some portions of his didn't flow quite right either.

All in all: This is crap, and you're a petty child for claiming a copyright that you have no business claiming.

Trixen responds:

Im glad RadgarEleding that I have since talked to you on msn, I would love it if you would post a re-review up when our video is complete.. Im glad you understand that this is NOT the finished work, and understand the full spectrum of the situation, and Cowjedi's dishonesty in censoring the truth.

Thank you for your review dude, and its been great talking to you on msn man :D

Hilarious with a side of revenge

I love this song, i've been listening to it for months on here and on dA , I'm happy you got the copyright claim for it from Cow Jedi and got his youtube account suspended

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it was a good idea...

but this should be re-written... in fact.. i think I'm gonna make one.. because it needs more punchlines and better writing. plus... its a little off beat the singing, but at least the voice acting isnt bad. its creative though.

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Sep 20, 2009
1:42 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody
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