Pirate Day 09 TotaMoto

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I know its cutting it a bit close, but the file was corrupted and I had to fix it. (kids, dont animate on a Linux)
Besides, my clock says 11:57, thats close enough for the contest eh?

Anyway, this is the first submission I actually finished, and I started it 4 days ago when I heard of the TLAP contest. The audio is from TomaMoto.


Could have used a preloader.

Not a bad piece, but it lacked interpretation in places, I'm afraid. I think that the switch from the "Tortuga Tavern" to the "Choke & Puke" was poor, but could be vastly improved - try something like having the face of the pirate talking and then the cutaway scenes that show the things like "the shameful end at the end of the plank". Perhaps that one could have been interpreted as a guy walking the plank, instead.

I'd have made the guy look like a Pirate for that and when it came to the shop scene, I'd have cut from the pirate face (the guy talking for most of the voice over) to the normal guy, who now doesn't have pirate peripherals. When you cut from the pirate to him, he should just be an average Joe and then the joke really hits home.

Like all good comedy, the secret is great timing.

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CrzyNinjaMonkeyGamer responds:

I know its bad is alot of places. I was really rushed in the end because my comp tried its hardest to completely destroy the cartoon. I think in reality trying to make an animation in 4 days when I'm still new at this might have been a dumb idea.


I thought it was funny, it kinda reminded me of some rpg like game at the beginning, being in the pub or whatever. But I thought it wasn't that bad. 4 days as your first submission, I think thats pretty good. :) Keep it up

CrzyNinjaMonkeyGamer responds:

Whats a pirate show without a pub?
Thanks man, I'm glad you liked this short, and I do plan on making more in the future.

wow cool!

perfect voice timing and everything!


Its nice, the animation was fine. Kinda sad that the voice was not yours. Keep the good work =)

eh- that was alright

its ok, but i dont get the ending- i just said that to make this bigger so it would let me say it

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3.44 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2009
12:12 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody

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