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Wilson Beard's Cannons

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//EDIT// thanks for front page tom!

Originally I didn't plan on doing a pirate day movie, but DruoxtheShredder's submission was just so great that I decided to throw a part together.

please recommend this to the talk like a pirate (if there is one) collection, or the pirates collection if there isn't

Id highly recommend DruoxtheShredder as a voice actor. this sketch is hilarious and brilliantly recorded.

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pirate pirate pirate :D

This is the best pirate vid on newgrounds!

They'll change your name to...

Fred-ARG-Shippy-BARG-The-3rd-Es-QUARG -Saint-ARG!-Drew...THAT'S A LOT OF ARG!
YOU BET YOUR TWO LEGGED LAND-LUBBIN' ASS THAT'S A LOT OF ARG! I loved it. Honestly, if this were real, I'd be placing an order...


Kinda reminded me of powerthirst


The start is kinda dry, but it really delivered. If only there was an elephant in the background and women holding signs.

3 pts. Video
2 pts. Audio
3 pts. Argh!