rubbine my dic TTYL

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TRud of the Week?????Cool Tophy I While Tresu're It 4ever

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And here is what NO.1 JUDGE Xidious scores YOU.


I could really trip to this on some Cid also I think this trophy suits the flash well.

Well done sir keep posting.


good story. Great music I really love papa roach there totally the best band erver and last resort totally isnt over played at all. the backrounds were all silky and vibrant and I just love me some sprite movies there so awesome becuz its like super mario when I playe dit as a kid and its so cool kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


This is amazing. You obviously tried very hard on this masterpiece. You have an outstanding gift.

Kind of interesting

I thought the animation style was really absurd but in a good way. The music made it even weirder. I didn't necessarily get the plot of this movie nor why the sprites and text was so distorted. But that gave it somewhat of a artistic feel. I didn't get why it was cut off so short either. But that made it much less enjoyable. I liked the style your were using with this movie and if you made it twice as long or at least show whether mario or dedede won the battle this would have been better.

I just don't get it

You really need to be trying to suck when the sprites and backgrounds look that ugly. I mean it isn' difficult to properly rip sprites and backgrounds and NOT have them as just a huge pixelated mess. The only thing that looks half decent is mario and luigi's walking animations. The fight scene with Dedede was atrocious. With that white outline around him, It looks like you just found an animated gif of him on the internet and used it without change.

But seriously, what DID you do to the backgrounds. They're almost unrecognizeable.

boof responds:

i thew up!!!

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3.08 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2009
12:35 PM EDT
  • Turd of the Week September 23, 2009