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A Grand Ship

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Happy Pirate day!
Animation by Sgtkillstuff
Voice acting by Rockmonix
edit: Fixed the sound problem

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Didn't see that coming.

Kinda funny..

Art/Animation: 6/10
I really liked that paper texture. It gave it that indie feel that many animations on here have.
The animation itself was pretty good...Decent FBF and stuff..Nothing amazing, but it was good enough..
The art sorta let you down though..A lot of it was rough around the edges. I think it would have been better if you had added black outlines to everything.

Plot/Concept: 5/10
Not a bad little joke, but slightly clichéd and predictable. Also, it was nice to have the subtitles, but if you're gonna do them, at least spell everything right..Generally, it was alright, but you wrote Lincon Park, whereas it should be Linkin Park, who are awesome by the way :D

Audio/Music: 8/10
The sound quality was quite good, and the voices were great, lots of emotion in it and stuff...The accents weren't very piratey though, and since it was "Talk Like a Pirate Day", they probably should have been...

Overall: 6/10
Not terrible, but not good enough to be a good story, or have excellent animation.

[Review Request Club]

Hehe, lol, nice job!

Seems like your first submission, and it's awesome. You did a good job on it, and it's almost perfect.

The graphics, as the other reviewers said, fit excellently with the theme you were going for here, and although sometimes they feel a little roughly drawn, (the clouds and plain background are an example), graphics aren't really a big problem in this submission. As Fro said, though, the zooms got annoying. Animation was OK, but not that smooth at times. Also, the lip-syncing, as stated in the other submissions, was a little off, although still, the subtitles you did here were great.

The concept was pretty original, and the humour is what got you most of the points in my review. Not unbelievably funny, but I did laugh quite a bit at the end, and there was a nice variety of different names and reaction to them, and I chuckled a little on almost each one. It's a short submission in all, but you can't take the blame for that, and if the joke was lengthened any more, it would start to get boring. Still, a little animation at the end after some fade transition showing the boat setting sail with the crew members all wearing Pink Fluffy Bunny costumes would add to the humour a little.

The voice acting was awesome, and although the voice in all could have been a little louder, the subtitles took care of that and voice acting was excellently performed. I liked the ocean sounds in the background, they made me imagine the scene much better, but I think you should add some other effects like seagulls in the background or something. Just a suggestion though, since the ocean sounds did a nice job to portraying the scene of pirates.

It's a nice little animation, especially since it's your first submission, so at this rate, you'll turn out to be a great Flash animator. Keep up the great work :D.

-Review Request Club-

(title in work)

A nice submission overall. The graphics were kind of textured almost so that they looked almost aged a bit. With that it fit the theme of this well. The voice overs were well done, I bought that they were pirate voices. The jokes were good too. You had some pop-culture jokes in here as well, which is something you don't see all that often. My only gripe is that the lip syncing is pretty well off at times throughout this.

Review Request Club.

~ Review Request Club ~

~ Animation ~

The first thing that I noticed was that some of the zooms were awkward and just didn't seem very fitting. Some other zooms/cuts on the other hand were well timed and done well. I think the quality of a zoom comes with the timing and that you don't want to over use it.

As for the subtitles they were a tad bit hard to read. Not terribly hard though. See early on in the submission? The subtitle stay on the boat instead of moving along with the screen. I've came up with a way to solve that a little bit farther down in the review though.

The lip syncing wasn't timed very well as the mouths not only weren't timed that good with the words, but they just kind of seemed to keep moving way too quickly on top of it.

~ Graphics ~

I thought that the graphics were perfectly fine in this. The way that you had created your characters were very simple, but the style really fit the submission well. Kind of a gradient effect I think I noticed.

The placement of the subtitles weren't too bad, but I think a better thing to do would to be to create a new layer on top of all the other layers. Make a black box, choosing a transparency that would allow you to see both the subtitles and what's going on behind the box. Then of course some white letters for the subtitles on top of the black box.

~ Story/Content ~

I don't know humor wise with this one I guess. The first couple of already taken boat names was kind of funny, just enough to get something going off in my brain saying, "Hm, humor."

The whole nickelback thing made me giggle a little bit. After that though it just seemed over done. To me the joke could only really go so far and even though it seemed to be of proper length I just didn't think that it stayed funny throughout the entire thing.

Pretty much kind of funny at first, but lost it's touch quite quickly. Perhaps you could have set it up to be a longer story of some sort? With him and his Pink Fluffy Bunny crew on ship and some sort of story/adventure to go along with it.

~ Audio ~

I see some reviews stating something about a muffled voice, but I think that the voice acting sounded great and didn't really notice anything muffled at all. The ocean sound in the background was also very good and you did a good job with sound effects in this submission.

~ Overall/Summary ~

I think the punchline was good, but it was just one of those jokes that lost it's humor quite quickly. Limiting the zooms a bit more and timing the lip syncing a bit better would make it more enjoyable to watch. The audio itself was done well in my opinion.

~ Review Request Club ~