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DB - Anti-Tank Squad

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Well its been about three years since i tried to put something up. and now the limits gone up to 10mb, i can think about posting this.

roughly an hour, exsperimientation with cotton.

Feedback please

Edit - ROFFLEPWNT'ed, it got trough. and with good reviews too, which is pleasing.
i do do other stop start, but their filesizes normally breech over 30-50 megs. (at least the one in the working atm is)

the rest can be found on my devart page. (should be in my profile)

The idea of DeskTop Battles is to have two main factions (grey and Green's) fighting for superior rule of the house. the loactiom (of the house) is as its meant to be. hence... DeskTop battles. the first three were posted here years ago, but didnt get though (yes, they were shite...) and i stopped doing it for about two years. but i picked it up again recentnly and this is what i came up with when working on effects. the cotton wool is new, as is changing the actual plastic figures to repirsent kneeling down, running gunning ect. (athough the hat to helmet thing is very noticiable IMO)
I'm also using better quality model tanks and so forth, Dinky Toys. (of which i LOVE dinky toys... no joke) so theirs less of the plastic stuff i used to use. but moo to you <3

Thank you!


i enjoyed it


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That was sick dude, reminds me of Robot Chicken, but with lower production values. Maybe you could do a longer one, or a series of short ones? That would be cool


This was pretty good with those sound effects and the like, but it was just too short. I thought it worked pretty well with the cotton, but there just needed to be more going on. It would have been nicer if there was more music going on. I know that you probably couldn't extend this because of the limit rule. I've tried that myself!


I kinda laughed at this.
-Pros: It was sorta funny. A lot of time obviously went into this. You don't see a lot of stop motion anymore, so it was rare too. That cotton scene must have taken some work!
-Cons: Was this REALLY a 'flash?' I guess if you're a traditional animator, you can really appreciate this, but modern times dictate you actually use the software in flash to create an animation without the help of a camera.
-Suggestions: Please try to make a flash cartoon. I know stop motion is difficult to master, so you may want to try your hand at animating (if you haven't already). Get a replay button on this. I couldn't tell if I was supposed to laugh at this or take it seriously. You could even go so far as to make this into a comedic work. Hey, you might want to change the locale of your scenes too. Small green men in a large freaky redwhiteblack grassed world with a feathered white sky was neat and all, but an outdoors scene would probably be more suitable (if you can handle people ogling you).
*I liked it other than that. I am looking forward to see what other creative things you can come up with.

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GreenScales responds:

ehh i have tried doing animiations. the problem is my style is totaly awful. as in i carnt. i am aware it might not quite count as a flash, but i have been doing stop start motion things like this for around four years. the rest of my stuff can be found on my devart page.

as for not seeing stop motion anymore...w ell thats the way it goes innit.

Good use of cotton

It's always nice to see stop motion animation and this was pretty good. I liked the recoil on the cannon and the way you used the cotton for the explosion. Keep it up, I'd like to see a longer piece from you ^_^. (Yes, I know how that last sentence sounded. I meant it in the cleanest sense.)

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Sep 18, 2009
2:15 PM EDT