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Stoneage Assassin 2

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A suspenseful and action filled shooter set in the stoneage period, StoneAge Assassin 2 continues on directly after the events of the 1st.

In this gritty epic we return to the beach at the site of the final showdown. The leader of the hunters and the father (the player) turned assassin in his quest to find his kidnapped daughter.

Mislead by a message left for him, the father attempts to eliminate the leader of the hunters whom had taken his daughter years before. A turn of events reveal that his daughter was disguised as the leader and now lays fatally injured in the arms of her father who had taken the fateful shot. A surprise long range attack then injures the father and the actual leader appears before them.

It is here where the story continues...


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Wow this was nice

I like your style here you have some really good ideas and you pushed them forward and you really made this one work well I like the graphics and game play and this one needs no changes or fixes it's great on it's own

No changes on this one


First one was better,this completely ruined it.

Good game but I don't know how 2 use the rocks to knock the enemies out, help?

It Rocks!!!

There aren't wenough serious games about the stoneage period. Prehistoric tribes are so underrated. Granted they weren't the philosphers, inventors and empire builders of later ages, but they weren't just the eat/run/hit types that they are steroetyped as. Everything we have today, we ultimately owe to these people.

The only problem I had with your game were your mission breifings. The pronoun only useage made them a little hard to read. I'm guessing they were written that way so that we would see your characters as representatives of the prehistoric period overall instead of just one or two individual tribes. Still, proper names would clear some of the confusion.

Everything else was well done. I was able to lose myself completely in the world you created. Your narration wasn't lost on me. Early man survived through conflict. Adapt or die. The world of modern man isn't too far removed from this. When you think about it, the only things that have really changed btween now and then are the toys and the articulation. We may live in a world of technologic wonders where massive ammounts of information are available to all, but we still have the same hopes, desires and fears as our ancestors. We still ask the same questions as we struggle to undertsand the world while we try to make a place for ourselves in it. Are we really so far removed from those of ages past?

ignore them

dont listen to them this game is the coolest click and shoot game ive ever played

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3.18 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2009
2:13 PM EDT