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Try to rescue all the scientists and hostages. Battlefield is a topdown war game, like cannon flodder, endless war etc. Move around, sneak or attack past the enemy forces in more then 30 missions.

WASD to move around , number keys etc to change your weapon , G to throw a grenade , R to reload your weapon(s)

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While it has a fun, yet challegeing , gameplay, but it not without some major problems. Like one, the walls can be so damn annoying, even if you throw a grenade while in covering, it will just stop in the middle of the path you are throwing at. Second, some enemies can however be more of a test of anger, as in, it feels alot like Hotline Miami, but much harder. Other than that it is a fun, yet challegeing game, but still have some problems as well.


Good game, I have to say, but...

I don't know what to do. I defeated the first boss, It was really easy, but then, I don't know how to continue. I got stuck in that stage, killing that freken rocket guys, but I could continue.
Can you tell me?


all i got was a heep of people dieing on a white screen

frozz responds:

please refresh it again

:( <-----

Sucks,no way to pick up weapons.0/10


its a good game but its insanely annoying on stage 4 after 1st boss.

there is no getting by that. your best hope is to dodge enough bullets just in time for the first grenade to go off (you can kill all 6 with 2 grenades)

when you start out your immediately in range of the 2 on the far left and the one on far right (from their formation)

taking 2 steps back pulls the one in far right out of range. but the 2 in far left are still in range to fire even though your on the other side of the screen (directly opposite of them)

I believe this is a programming error and the 2 far left were ment to fall out of range as you move down to the right (allowing you to move back even if its with a slightly better chance)

but to put it bluntly stage 4 after boss is nerfed. you can't beat that one, don't even try, it would be argueable if you changed levels taking your HP from the last with you, but you start with 100%hp and 100%armor.

if you could take maybe 6 shots instead of 3 (common you got armor on for crying out loud) then it would be beatable. almost easily beaten. because its necesarry to take 3 or 4 shots of fire to strafe into safety for the grenades to go off.

and yes I did just rant about that for this hole review because its a huge issue in your game that needs to be repaired or lightened.


1- patience isn't going to work on that level you start the level being shot at.

2- hide and seek??? there's nothing to hide behind at all.

3- ok grenades was actually a good tip because 2 will kill all 6 (you damage the scientist just a tad.

thank you for your time, if this problem is fixed I'll PM a revised review to you

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1.65 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2009
10:41 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun