Soda Man

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How to play Soda Man:
Click the can and shake the mouse to build power, then click again to set the angle of your launch. In the air, steer with the mouse, click for boosts, and press Up for the copter (after buying). Collect clips to buy upgrades between days and cans for extra boost. Land on objects to bounce. How far and fast can you fly?



really awsome game only complaint is you lose the upgrades at the end

Slow to start, but awesome later on.

Once I got past the first couple of upgrades, the game got WAY more interesting.
Now I feel like i'm playing Toss the Turtle along with the same addictive qualities all over again! :D

The animation, the music, upgrades, backgrounds in this game were awesome. Very neatly and professionally done.

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Good game

But it starts off really slowly, though the late game is pretty great. The only major complaint I have is how after you beat it, you lose all your upgrades and have to start all over. I would've preferred it if I could've kept my upgrades and tried to max them all while trying to get all the achievements. Still, a good game.

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OK, but nothing new

You do need to get a few upgrades before it become fun. Not bad overall, but despite some additional gameplay elements, still not significantly different from any other learn to fly game.

way to slow

I couldnt play longer than 10 min because I was only getting 2-3 caps per flight. Sorry.

-its a very slow start, and in games like these slow isnt what the audience wants
-Increase the time you get to shake a can
-Instead of using your mouse to click the can, have a button. Or, instead of using your mouse to shake use the up and down arrows, or some other combination. Frankly, you get "3 seconds" but you always lost 1-1.5 seconds because clicking the can didnt always work properly. Thus, Im focusing on click and shake fast but I end up clicking several times and get caught off guard. (okay redid it and I figured out that its not a click on the can, but a unclick that starts the can shaking. Make it the click and maybe that might make it seem better - but i still suggest buttons for shaking, or starting though)
-dont know about the pick-ups, but have a bundle of caps (if its not in the game)
-someone mentioned when the game is over you lose all upgrade, thats a no-no. Some people like to max out everything and then try to see how far they can get.
-show you current distance under or next to your max distance (i dont think it kept that record anywhere)
-have a radar upgrade that points out the closest 3-5 clips.

if i played longer id have more suggestions but its frustrating to get 0 clips on a run, maybe make it to where you always get at least 1 clip per run.

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3.56 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2009
9:13 AM EDT
Skill - Toss