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Hello again. I know, It's been like 9 months since I posted a flash here. I'll be honest with you guys, I was going through writer's block again... That's one of the reasons that explains my absence from animating. Anyway, to make up for lost time I decided to work on a few flashes during my vacation and this is one of them. As for FSM 7, well, it was in development hell for a while, but I'll have it up at some point.

Originally I wanted to leave MK Mishaps as a trilogy, but seeing how much of a cult following it has in NG and youtube over the past few years I decided to make one more just for the hell of it. This time focusing on MK Vs. DC. Keep in mind that I started working on it last year but later abandoned it in favor of FSM 6. Then like 4 months ago I started getting more ideas for it and began experimenting with other stuff. I should warn you that this one feels pretty random and might not be for all users.

I also decided to get rid of the wrestling themes this time around, you guys can be VERY picky you know...

Well, not much to say after all this except enjoy vote fair and until next time.

Thanks for the 2nd place award!

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Now this is a good parody. Excellent use of popular topics at the time (like the Christian Bale meltdown) and even one blooper which mimics a scene from Kung Pow: Enter The Fist.

the justice league theme in the beginning was intresting

I have to say that Epic Bale! (Great use of Christian Bale's rant from the set of Terminator Salvation), Jade can "Bounce"! (I feel sorry for Liu Kang's balls), and The Lasso of Truth (Kano's "truth" and Wonder Woman's reaction to it are laughable) are the best. Great job!

hooray yay,mortal kombat mishaps gold

I loved the Godzilla part and the bounce part xD