The Room: The Musical

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For those of you who haven't seen Tommy Wiseau's cinematic masterpiece "The Room," I encourage you to rent it or find a copy of it online before you watch this musical parody, as it contains the entire plot of the movie and I wouldn't want it to be spoiled for you before you see the original.

Because it's impossible to improve on the quality of "The Room," much of the dialogue here is taken word-for-word from the movie.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish fixing the audio levels on this due to me accidentally saving over the file that had the separate vocal / instrumental tracks, so at some points the words are hard to hear.


Check out my new website, broodening.com for more parodies.

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Quite funny

Sure, it's not animated or anything, but it's more than amusing enough to pass. The songs were not only funny, but they were actually well-written for something on Newgrounds. I think the funniest thing is that this was made a year before hating the original movie became popular and the Nostalgia Critic review was made.

I like it

Captivates the shittiness and funny parts of the movie. Sad i only learned from this by typing in Tommy Wiseau

This should have a higher score.

A fitting parody for a classically terrible movie.

The low rating probably reflects the possibility that no one has ever seen or heard of The Room before. I gave it a 5, though.

As always, you did a fine job parodying something without actually parodying it.

Great Job!


I hadn't seen (or even heard of) it, but.. [752.2]

I thoroughly enjoyed the epic badness of your musical version of the ROOM. I haven't reviewed your stuff before, but I've seen a couple of your Twilight/True Blood things in the past, and always had a good time despite never having seen/read anything to do with them, either.... I don't care about spoilers for things I'll likely never see.

In any event, it was interesting to see you mock a non-vampire story for once, but then I went to wikipedia and read up on the Room (which I might just havev to check out at some point thanks to this flash) and on its creator and I thus stumbled across THIS little bit of info:

"In addition, [Tommy] Wiseau plans to make a vampire film (or films),[5][6] which may be shot in Austin, Texas.[4] Wiseau has stated that he currently has two 100-page vampire scripts, and hopes to film both."

Looks like you're in for a field day soon enough. Wiseau + Vampires.... together at last! Enjoy, and keep on keepin' on.