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LF2:The Alliance Ch.3

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***This series is the continuation of "LF2:A Hunter's Quest"***
***If at anytime you are confused on the plot, please refer to the previous series. All episodes on Newgrounds.com***
***You can also find the episodes on my profile page and included in this movie under the "Info" section.***
***Thank you and enjoy the movie.***
I do apologize for the absense, it's been a busy year.

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I have only one complaint, and it made you lose a whole star. I really don't like how the voices turned out, infact i despise it. Not trying to hate, but i was hoping for something alittle better.


When will chapter 4 come out? You should have made Bat's voice sound like the Japanese Dub for Mewtwo, it would have been cooler but this is classic.

Nice fight

Short, but real amazing... I like your movies :)

kiedy nastempna wersja

kiedy nastempna wersja ja tu czekam i skoro to kontulacja hunters qutes to co sie
stalo z dark one i hase a i przy okazji super film prosze odpisz

Fully satisfying!

Again your road to improving your craft never ceases to end. Keep's on just getting better. I was really entertained by this episode.

So, this episodes actually gives us clues on one of the main characters history... brothers, both great fighters, one in civilization, the other in the wilderness. Followed by a fight scene...
Here though it actually seems justified. At many points in your series the fights scenes simply don't make sense. "Testing?" Jack? Henry?
Here though we can simply assume that there is thick blood between the brothers and that Bat has grown overly bitter in his presumed solitude. Understandable and - at some level - sensible. So good.

The fight scene, naturally, delivered in all levels also. They make more and more sense and are very entertaining to watch. The outcome was pretty obvious from the start though: they would remain equal.
The fact that the hunters were a serious threat also shined through even through the reaction of the other heroes in the previous action. So they lived up to the emphasis you put to them. Yet it's kind of weird, as in the previous episodes the hunters usually hesitate on shooting and rarely hit ANYTHING if the main characters put some effort into dodging. These "viper arrows" though all hit...
Does the poison also guarantee a hit?

Even if ONE had hit the scene would have made more sense.
But I'm happy. This is the first time the heroes (save from flashbacks) actually fail at... pretty much ANYTHING. I was beginning to wonder why Julian would want such fail Hunters at his disposal anyway. :P So it was nice seeing them succeed in something.
I was actually expecting the "bad" era Chase (Meaning the one who hasn't found the gloves yet...) there though.

Oh and brilliant voice acting. I really loved it here. You made the characters come alive. Also... yeah.. Scottish accent to bad lackeys always works. Hah!

Great job! I'm actually rating a 5 now, so excellent achievement!

PyronX responds:

I know I'm starting to repeat myself but, Thank you for your review.
I'm very proud of this episode on many levels, many things you've pointed out.
I'll keep this short thou,
Throughout this series you will see TONS of character development and a real sense for the characters and what they are fighting for.
I won't ramble on but you get the point.
Once again thank you for your review (Yup, totally repeating myself).

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4.18 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2009
7:22 AM EDT