The Future Wasn't There

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A movie about longing, dreams, loss, and time travel. AWESOME.

So I made this movie a few years ago. It was finished just before I started work on AwesomeRaptor. It remains the longest flash movie I've ever made. There is no dialogue, and it originally didn't even have music. And that's the main reason I never uploaded it.

But it has music now! Thanks to Chris Zito's (amazing NG voice actor and pretty cool artist too) massive music library, I was able to tune this thing up with some... tunes.

I really hope you guys like it, but if not... that's cool. Let me know what you think!

EDIT: Thanks for daily third and front page! I love you Newgrounds, and your leader Tom Fulp. <3

Also, to all you guys claiming the movie has no ending... it does. Know that part where the movie stops and the replay button appears? That's the end. The story has an intentionally ambiguous conclusion that is meant to inspire personal interpretation and conversation. Any more traditional ending I could've included would've robbed the viewer of the opportunity to really think about the movie's message. Thanks for watching!


Funny and well-drawn

It was funny how the man coped with the job tedium. The line drawings were clear and expressive. Weirdly, I though the ending just meant "don't try to build advanced machines because they will explode." Which is an important message.

Did he died?

I need to knoe


ok, im pretty sure that the irony of the flash is that he spent all those months working so hard on this machine so he could go to the FUTURE to have a better life, but him neglecting his wife caused her to leave, so he ended up going to the PAST instead to be with his wife again. he figures, without the woman he loves the future wont be better

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Animation: Amusing
Music: Fit well enough
Story: A tad lacking.

I get your idea of leaving an open ended story for the viewer to make up their own conclusions. However, the given ending should lead off into that. Its hard to really put my finger on what was missing from your movie. Perhaps it could have tried to be a bit more dramatic at the ending. I found it a tad difficult to feel for the guy, and the flash backs seemed kinda rushed.

Just for shiggles, I thought that at the end he woke up have the whole thing since he first went to sleep being a dream. Then illustrate how he has a new take on life. Thus giving the meaning of: love those close to you and do what makes you happy.


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A little more than okay.

The animation is good and the story is pretty well-executed in a way that makes it easily understood. However, the story itself is less than thrilling. The music feels tacked on and contrived, occasionally weaken the impact of what is being shown rather than enhancing or helping it. As for the ending, there really isn't one. You claim that any ending you could have included would have betrayed and diluted the message of the story, but if you really want to be an artist, it has to be your job to find the ending that fits with and drives the message home. In a story like this, where the possibilities would have been endless and the story could have gone to really interesting places, this empty ending feels hollow, empty and smacks of an animator who has grown sick of working on a project. As evidenced by the fact that there was originally no sound to this piece and it has been in that incomplete state for many years, I can only assume that the ending isn't the real ending and is instead just a compromise you've made to justify the release of this animation as something complete, when that's not what it is. Also, your justification is weak. It would have been more convincing if you had said that the story was cyclical. You might say to me that I've just written my own ending and that's what you wanted, but I say to you that what you've done is little more than lazy and incomplete.

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spanio responds:

Sorry! Thanks for watching.

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Sep 17, 2009
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