The Future Wasn't There

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A movie about longing, dreams, loss, and time travel. AWESOME.

So I made this movie a few years ago. It was finished just before I started work on AwesomeRaptor. It remains the longest flash movie I've ever made. There is no dialogue, and it originally didn't even have music. And that's the main reason I never uploaded it.

But it has music now! Thanks to Chris Zito's (amazing NG voice actor and pretty cool artist too) massive music library, I was able to tune this thing up with some... tunes.

I really hope you guys like it, but if not... that's cool. Let me know what you think!

EDIT: Thanks for daily third and front page! I love you Newgrounds, and your leader Tom Fulp. <3

Also, to all you guys claiming the movie has no ending... it does. Know that part where the movie stops and the replay button appears? That's the end. The story has an intentionally ambiguous conclusion that is meant to inspire personal interpretation and conversation. Any more traditional ending I could've included would've robbed the viewer of the opportunity to really think about the movie's message. Thanks for watching!


holy fuck novousmihi and lifesink...

this is fucking new grounds not some god damn blog site where you can puke out your personal feelings.... sappose to review the damn flash... speaking of that good work... liked it... coulda used a better ending, i knoew it was implied that he went back intime to get the girl back but still... as for you two novo and life, fuck off go blog some where else.

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spanio responds:

Haha. I love this place. Thanks for watching.


I have to say that I agree with Lifesink and his views but I think it applies to both men and women. In my eyes 80% of both men and women have NOTHING to contribute to the relationship. Women have their looks alone and Men have their strength alone.

The society we live in today are trying to engrave a message into our heads that nowdays are commonly accepted without hesitation: Being a man is a bad thing. Slowly our identity that is "man" is being connected with "bad". And that everything woman is great and good. Men are horrible beasts and women are pure creatures that are being misstreated by men all the time. That is the message society is trying to give us. The most pur example of this is the sequel to Twillight.

But the truth is, men aren't beasts. Women aren't dumb. We've been trying so hard to become equal that somewhere along the way our very Identity as Men and Women are starting to suffer. Many men I study with feel ashamed when they start talking about how good looking some girls are on the Campus. Acting like stereotypical men makes them feel bad. This is a very alarming sign. Men and women talk about how good looking their classmates and and both talk about who they'd like to have sex with. It's a good, healthy behaviour. It's in our genes, our programming, our identity. It's in our very core of our personality.

No matter how evolved we get, how advanced our reasonings, how complex our relationships, we will always have this core identity which we will fall back to from time to time.

And the truth of the matter is, when we do fall back to it, when men and women have their man/woman-moments and man/woman-talk: It feels good.
It feels good becuase we are doing what our survival depended upon a long time ago and our body reward us for it.

My message is: do not sacrifice your gender identity, men and women are built different for a reason - the second we start go against our programming the more unhappy we as a species will become. Act your gender, but respect your counterpart.

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spanio responds:

I don't really know if you liked my movie at all, but thanks for contributing to discussion.


this was a great flash and I love how it ends with him going to the past lets room for thinking, what was he going to do? The ending reminded me of that REALLy old move Time Machine where it ends with him taking 3 books into the future to tell mankind that has become stupid. Yet the movie ends with his friends saying" What books did he take?" then one replies; "Which ones would you take?"

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spanio responds:

Thanks for watching.

Screw her.

Listen, and really take this to heart. If a woman is that retarded to leave you over creating a world changing device, and by way of letter forget about her. Woman, are a dime a dozen. Seriously, open your eyes. Most women have no decent skill sets. Our society is so based around looks and image, we've completely lost touch with both evolutionary and nature standards. In nature a pairing of animals only mate if both can offer a set of skills which help the survival of their species and their mate/offspring. In society, woman are all about looks. They need men because the majority (not all) just the majority have nothing to offer to a relationship except their looks and "companionship", which is laughable. How many women have you actually, truly met, that have interesting personalities, like the same things you do, and are relaxed? There isn't many, and if you disagree, you'd be lying. You don't like talking about boring crap about what their pet did today, or who they talked to about their drama, or how "bitchy" their boss or friends or mother is being. Lets face it, you're only interested in things that are interesting and most women aren't interesting. Don't be afraid to say it, it true and until you come to grips with this, you're going to let inferior woman walk all over you. The morale of the story is that guy should have got into the time machine, warped to the future and bounced on that dumb broad. She wasn't worth it, and she didn't truly support him despite how unhappy he was with life. When he did something to change that, she left him because she really didn't care about his happiness, she ultimately was being selfish without supporting him. Granted, this is not what the author of this flash was trying to illustrate, but therein is another truth about society which has been ingrained into our heads by what is now a female dominate society. Most people will look at this flash and say, he was neglecting her, he wanted to go to the future, he wanted to be happy without thinking about her and he didn't care about him. In reality, its actually different, but you've had this message pounded into your head so many times as a man, you start to believe it and become subservient. Don't believe me? Look at marketing, marriages, and most merchandise stores. In general they're geared towards woman shoppers. Does a man give a rat's ass about what color the towels in his bathroom are in comparison to the shower curtains? Maybe if he's homosexual (which isn't bad, but its true). Or how about those marketing adds which appeal to a concerned mother's outlook of her family, or trying to save money to buy food for her children and yet please everyone with her decision on the type of meal they will consume. Society is screwed, its no longer congruent with nature. Do the research, most people are brainwashed by society which is again, influenced by women. Otherwise we'd still be in the John Wayne era when the "ideal" man was rough, rugged, unshaven, a bit overweight in today's standards, and he didn't care. Today, men are forced to be concerned about their looks and less about their quality of character. It's all about image. So screw this broad, he should have went to the future and found a woman who was worth his time, or at least a really hot ass android. Yeah, I like that. A last few words, men, despite appearances and whether is hot or unattractive, rich or poor, big breasted or small, you keep her ass if she has a great personality because that is a rare creature in today's society. Most men think they have a "great" woman only to live a lie and a miserable life for the rest of their lives. Stand up men, grab your testicles and realize this: It's also a woman's job to contribute equally to a relationship beyond attraction, children, and companionship. You offer her the same things yet funny how most women don't consider that when looking at a man. What they're looking at is your social status, capital status, or ability to protect her and her children. Screw those kinds of women, and screw the men falling for that crap.

spanio responds:

I agree. Fuck that bitch. Thanks for watching and really THANKS for reviewing. You made my day, man.


Kinda soppy,the way he gets obsessed with the machine and he loses his girlfriend,till he doesnt go to the future,but to the past...

Nice movie by the way,its cool

spanio responds:

Thanks for watching!

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