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This Will Pass

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Sep 16, 2009 | 7:10 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Read this for info:

This was made after a submission of mine was removed for containing too many bugs. By "removed" I mean that I felt it wasn't worth it since I would probably get in trouble for leaving it up (crashed internet browsers). So I replaced the swf with a 5 second loop saying that the submission was removed (you can't remove submissions while they're under judgment). I changed the title to "Flash Removed (Broken)" and went to go do something else out of boredom. After an hour of watching whatever was on TV I came back to check the portal (barely ever check it anyway). And there it was, my submission. For the past hour, in big letters, it said "Flash Removed (Broken)" with the same 5 second loop, and no reviews. What the hell Newgrounds? No I don't mean the NG Staff or site moderators, I mean the community. The community which keeps this site fresh and new every day. The community which has control over which is considered acceptable material and what is considered garbage. But after a long break from the site, I realized that we, the community, were becoming lazy. We didn't care what passed or what was blammed. We just wanted the stupid blam/protect points. If something looks good, we vote 5. But something that looks good doesn't always turn out good. This is a spamming technique I am showing you here. Most of you are probably familiar with this and think that it doesn't matter. If it looks good, we vote 5. What happened to 2? Or an even better question, what happened to 0? It seems that people start voting 0 on something after it has passed. Why? Because once it has passed we don't have a chance of blamming it. So we just vote 0 and leave a mindless review saying how "gay" and "shitty" it is. Now why didn't we use the 0 button before it had a chance of passing judgment? Were we afraid that is we voted 0 it would come back to haunt us? Were we afraid that it would take revenge and vote down our submissions? Were we afraid we would get in trouble for trying to blam something that doesn't belong on the site? What is going on here. This isn't all coming out of my ass, this is truth. We have become lazier over the past few years and I have proof. Right now, I want you to go to the flash obituaries. Now go to the day before today to see how many submissions were blammed yesterday. If you look near the top you will see a number next to the navigation list. Remember that number. Now go back to the date navigation and set the year to 2006. Notice any differences here? Maybe the fact that the page is completely filled over a hundred blammed submissions? This is only the half of it. If you were to go back a few months in, lets say, July. You will see an average of 300 submissions blammed every single day for that month. Whats wrong with this picture? Is it the fact that we have become lazier or is it somehow the site itself at fault? There is no reason to point fingers here. The main thing we, the community of Newgrounds, need to do is to make sure that this does not continue. Its a long shot, a very long shot. But we have to do this, not try, but do. If we fail to do so the blam numbers will keep dropping until everything will pass right through judgment. And I really mean that. If you take a closer look at the obituaries for today you'll notice that most of the "blammed" submissions weren't blammed. They were deleted or removed. Either by the NG Staff or the author them self. So now you ask what the big deal is if everything gets through, more content for the site right? Yes that's right, the site will gain more and more content. And guess where we end up when that happens. We end up becoming YouTube. Why such a specific example? Well its the best example. Do you want to go to a site littered with trash that contained absolutely no effort whatsoever? I hope not. Then again I'm probably exaggerating, I mean the main slogan of this site is Everything by Everyone so that could never happen... Oh wait.

TL;DR - Don't let this site become a giant trash bin, have better judgment. Vote 0 on anything that deserves it.



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Trust me, i vote 0 on things that deserve it.
But to give constructive criticism, how about, end the music with the video.


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You guys dont get the point.

The information gives something to think about, like a startling signal that we aren't doing what we as a community should be. The title conveys the idea that we just don't care anymore. That, my friend, deserves a 10. If you even THINK a 1, you my friend are wrong.
This space is for me to convey the rest of this idea.
I will explain what this is trying to tell,
What the hell Newgrounds?
When this was 1st accepted, no reviews.
The community is losing what we need most, ORDER! A CLEAN PORTAL!
And true, most of the blammed submissions werent blammed.
They were deleted by the author or by the newgrounds leaders.
This DID pass people, theres no point in demoting it now!
Don't let this site become a giant trash bin, have better judgment. Vote 0 on anything that deserves it.
And that is the closing message, as is my comment for this community.
Nothing can erase the mistakes we have made.
We have to start taking action now! Blam bad submissions,
save the good ones. Go ahead, vote 0 now. THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!
We end up becoming YouTube. Why such a specific example? Well its the best example. Because everything by everyone is EVERYTHING! WE BECOME A TRASH BIN PORTAL LITTERED WITH CRAP!
Is that what you want?
Well i hope not.
This is newgrounds, not oldcrapgrounds.
This isnt just coming out of me and Wikkiski's ass, this is the cold and hard TRUTH!
And villianjazzie, the rant IS needed! This is the best message to come to newgrounds.
And if this isn't enough, then there will be more and more and more submissions named this passing judgement, going to the same place EVERY TIME UNTIL YOU GET IT! The community has become lazy and hopeless.
What happened to the votes of 1 2 or 3?? An even better question, WHAT HAPPENED TO ZERO????
People, we need to do better than this.
It is a hopeless community unless we do something, which is why i tell you, THIS IS WHAT NEWGROUNDS IS BECOMING! A WASTEBASKET FULL OF TRASH!
10/10 for the incredible message.
We just wanted the stupid blam/protect points, nothing real or helping to the community. This is what people need, a good smack in the face.
sNaRkY here is one to speak up. The message needs to and WILL be passed on.
I will keep this review up until i run out of characters, or you could just do what newgrounds has always done, COME THROUGH!
We end up getting 500 turds of the week, in 1 week.
The ass is becoming the face of the flash portal, either help stop it, or sit there and do nothing like a pile of shit.

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The rant was not needed just a few siimple words would have been great, but it is a good message


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

A good message

For the sake of some animation, I give thee a one.
-My opinion: Normally, I would give this flash a good rogering review, but since you so eloquently presented this lengthy rant, I'll give you one myself. You deserve more than a simple review.
-The reason for higher blam rates in the past is probably due to the fact that all the experienced users have moved on in life. I remember telling someone about NG a while back, and they simply replied: "What's Newgrounds?" What is Newgrounds? Have you been living in a hole? Nope, simply a lack of interest and probably Facebook or YouTube. This is an unfortunate trend nowadays, and as I'm writing this, I'm starting to see how NG may be on a downfall. People are simply losing interest in flashes anymore. Sure, flash was cool back in 2002-2006, but the allure of crappy no-effort YouTube vids and bragging to people about your boring life on Facebook has taken precedent over the artistic flash that took weeks or even months to make.
-The people that DO still visit NG are primarily people with little to no experience in flash whatsoever and thus have no appreciation for the time and effort it takes to make a quality flash. They probably have no idea how to vote on submissions either. You also have the people that have remained dedicated to NG for years still patrol the portal every once in a while. Unfortunately, they don't do it enough as you can see by the amount of submissions far surpassing the blams every day (you're not the only observant one). Of course, you have the scavengers; the KK, DD, SS, CC, BB, etc. They are the reason NG has so much crap on it. They far outnumber experienced users and can be blamed for the garbage that makes it through the portal every day.
-This imbalance in user experience (and maturity) leads to the defunct ratio of submissions/blams. It's like an old video game that still somehow supports multiplayer. You have a few experienced players here and there (who will utterly dominate you) and a bunch of newbs who are just there to annoy you.
*I hope you see the reasons now. All we can do is keep voting every day and hope that more people join who want to keep NG clean.

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In my honest opinion..

The problem is all the little kids on here, I'm not trying to put people into groups but they generally don't give a fuck and when a large number of the community doesn't give a rats ass about the content on a site everything goes to shit eventually.

I think we need to figure out a way to either get younger people more active or not include them at all. I think 15+ would be a reasonable age.

But then again what do I know? At this hour of the night I'm not an idea man I'm just a complainer.