Under the Influence.

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**EDIT: I have pursued my idea to complete my 4:20 flash as a whole. Therefore making this only a sneak peak at the opening scene to the flash. Only this portion will be based upon the Above the Influence ads (unless I had a skit otherwise). Keep an eye out for it. Should be hopefully completed by 4/20/10.**

420 Episode I: Under the Influence

*Note: Familiarize yourselves with the Above the Influence ad's before watching otherwise you will be left with awe and confusion.*

After a year of abandoning my idea to make the most amazing 4:20 flash movie for everybody's favorite holiday, I've come across my Loader/Menu that I have created as a start. The origional plan was to make one long flash movie containing many short clips. But I have come with the brilliant idea of making it into a series of episodes.

The very first episode HAD to be a parody of the 'Above the Influence' commercial that everyone loves. I tried to match the graphics as best as I could and put in into more of a stoner's perspective. Hope you enjoy, feel free to post any critism or ideas you may have for future episodes. Dont hate :).

Music (In Order):
Mystic Roots - Pass the Marijuana
Charlie Campbell - Showtime Paul
Rebelution - Green to Black

Special Thanks:
WayTooMany.com and Un-Named Stoner for the idea.

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Hurray for the stoner dynasty!
Concubines just don't get it.

Yeah man

My Favortite parody! 5 stars!!
and a 4 vote!

Not a bad parody, but needs a bit more work

It was OK when it comes to the concept, but it didn't impress me that much overall.

The animation and graphics were the worst thing about this. I understand you don't want to stray too much from the original, but with such little animation and roughly drawn graphics, more people will be tempted to close the window before it finishes.

The graphics need to be less rough, have speech bubbles instead of text in a random place, and have more colour and backgrounds to them, and the animation isn't really that good, since the walking didn't have any leg movement, the transitions weren't done smoothly and in all the animation needs work to it.

Still, it was adopted quite well from the original and I understand it's a parody so the animation and graphics should be that eye-catching. Maybe you could make another version of this for people who haven't seen the ads?

The concept is great, and I haven't seen many parodies of the Above the Influence ads. In all, it was a little short and ended a little suddenly, but it was still a nice parody.

Audio was awesome, and the smooth transition from one song to another was excellently done, plus the songs were great since they were used in the original adverts too. I'd ask for some voice acting as Fro said, but it's not really a big problem.

Good job on this, but the animation and graphics made me get bored quite quickly. Still, not too bad overall.

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4.54 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2009
5:43 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody