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Like I said in description above . . . it's a noir, atmospheric animation about life's essences, needles and one butterfly. :)

I's dedicated to my wife (we're just married :).

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Really good animation, I like every second of it.
At start was a little creepy but I can say it is brilliant.
And I love the use of black and white...I really enjoyed this! Good work, and I of course look forward to your future submissions.

very beautiful!

i was fascinated watching the blood pour through the veins. it was like listening to someones heartbeat - it makes you feel strange but secure as well.
like getting into a trance. so the looping music worked very well for me.
but sometimes the animation was a bit to "clean" as if something was missing.
the end was strange for me too! a tad too kitschy ... maybe it would be better just to let her take a deep breath? or looping the video from the start after the brain is activated?
but thats just my opinion ... it's mor important that your wife likes it ^^
overall i really like it too.

Unique, and disturbingly sweet...


I rarely review films because most of the stuff that does well is garbage stick films.
That said I felt compelled to review this.

I love your art it's very professional, however I must disagree with my peers on your animation skills, I feel they need some work, also when you tween you should add some easing...

The best part of your film was the storytelling, somewhat ambiguous, yet with the drawings you manage to pull off the mood...

I'd like to see more stuff from you in the future,
It's a refreshing change from the regular banalities...

- Celx


Great animation

Great plot

Absolutely mind blowing

Great job

thoughtful and creative

i liked it a lot. very creative and thoughtful. my only complaint is that the cut in the music loop is too noticeable. other than that, great movie =)