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Resident Evil 1.1 Flash

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This was animated and writen by M4x12, This is part 1 in a Resident Evil 1 series I'm making.
Sorry for no subtitles...


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Weird, but oddly satisfying. All my 10's go to this! Make another one soon!! Anywho, it was awesome!!!Please make another!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Get yourself the ability to increase sound quality upon exporting, and some subtitles, and you've got yourself a very nice comedy. The jokes were poking fun at the more detailed points of the game, like Jill leaving her gun, and Chris not bringing his. The script was what made this Flash enjoyable.

Increasing Sound Quality upon exporting into movie format:

File > Publish Settings
-click on the Flash tab
-go to "audio stream" and "audio event"
-hit the "Set" button on both of them and change compression from MP3 to ADPCM

Trust me, you'll notice the different in sound quality for voice acting.

m4x12 responds:

cool I'll try that next time :)


NICE FLASH! Amusing!


i laughed when wesker told chris to look for barry and he was right outside the window, lol

I like resident evil.

The relationship/split up joke was awesome. very nice as far as resident evil flashes go, some technical stuff could use improvement (voices mainly)
Keep it up!