Vegeta's Ordeal!

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This is My 1st time Submitting, So I hope it's recieved well. If you don't like DBZ and your watching this.. I gotta ask.. why are you watching it? haha

So I made this Video with camron23 http://camron23.newground s.com/ .

The idea was my own, just something I had thought would be funny. I did all the voices for it, but I didnt have the skills to animate it.. So I asked Camron to help! =3 The result, is what you see here.

This is also posted on youtube, on his and my page feel free to stop by and comment on there as well if you like =D

Camron on youtube http://www.youtube.com/us er/camron2342
Me on youtube http://www.youtube.com/us er/Trixen01


No more Newgrounds and Milk

I watched this while eating milk and cookies.....how do you get chucks of cookie out your nose? LOL

Trixen responds:

Thank you! that made my day that you liked this XD!

I have had that problem, its worse with fizzy drinks like soda XD to get them out..it hurts.. lots of snorting, blowing and weird faces!


Short and funny! Nicely done.


This was damn random i almsot pissed in my pants :XDDD

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YES!!! and to the guy below...

Funnest Kool-Aid thing i have seen thus far and maybe the guy blow should reconsider posting that review below me...it was like completely pointless...sorta like what i'm doing now...

Not my thing

I'm not usually into short random comedies. I dont really like to read reviews before watching the movies because it can either spoil some stuff or be off. In this case I should have though. Don't take this to harshly, I honesly thought that this would have aomething to do with DBZ and that it would be longer. It seems you do pretty well with the part of the Newgrounds community that likes these kinds of things so dont stop on account of a review like this.

Good luck in the future.

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4.45 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2009
2:08 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody