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NekroClocks Comeback

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This movie was started a very long time ago, you guess you could say i've had a timeout making flash, but im back in the game =)

This was made in Flash 5 so im guessing i havent got most of the new tools you peoples use.

Give me fair reviews.

Check back for new cartoons and watch my old ones (the're not bad you know)

Thank u,

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Graphically it was smooth and well-done. I also liked the action. It was a little lacking in the sound department and the concept isn't entirely original... but overall good-job.

not bad man

some cool tweening going on, nice back grounds, alot of effort here. was the main character supposed to be HAL from 2001 a space odysee?

Reminds me of the Max Payne Matrix Mod

I used to play the hell outta that thing, and the Propellerhead's Spybreak song would start when you'd go into bullet time. You could do the stuff you did in this flash. Very good, especially for Flash 5! Two Thumbs Up!

Flash 5?

At a normal point of view, this is rather good, well deserving a 8 at least, but with flash 5? This is bearly belivable, a loot of effort and certenly of skill, evenmore so, tonns of boredom. So, im guessing that my old excuse that I only have flash 5 for me not making any animation does not work anymore... Crap... Well, that is impressive, wonder what you could do with CS4... Jesus...


Good stuff man. I'm typically not a fan of Clockcrew stuff, but I liked this one. It reminds me of the good 'ol fun-to-watch flash animations back in the early 2000's when I was in my prime for animating. I'm trying to come back to animating myself. I still have Macromedia Flash MX. Gotta upgrade soon :/ Anyways, good job.