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Gray: Lines

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I made this a while ago and it's been up on my site for some time. Figured I'd finally get around to uploading somewhere more visible to the public eye (though I don't really know if anyone will see it here either).

And yeah I know there's some glitches.

OH DAMN! I totally broke the latest version. My bad.

Well I just went back to the original, and I don't plan to make any more updates.

and for all of you asking for the website:


It's in the games section.



fun game but gets kind of old

dot dot dot

There's a glitch in the second level after the one where you gain the ability to draw 2 lines-I drew a line over the switch, and it flung me through the wall, and now I'm falling infinitely...[sad face]
and the game gets old quick.

Not too original. . .

It gets old and. . . Yknow it seems like the concept was taken from the game portal. . . It really seems like a cross between Kirby-Canvas curse and Portal. :O You have talent. That's aparent enough. Just brainstorm some completely original concept. If you need help feel free to contact me. If you need my email just ask. XD I'd love to talk about game concepts. You have a good deal of flash talent. ^_^ Well I must be off. Cheers,

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good but just a little boring

good game but you need a map or a waypoint. overall its good though i'll definitly play your other game. you should also make more obsticles it gets boring with just a gate and spikes

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I absolutely love it, its authentic. The reason everyones complaining about it though.. -drum roll-

Theres no Map. You need a map, or you need to let your seeing ability go farther. I realise if you hit F it follows the mouse, but it really doesn't help.

Implement a map, I'm sure you'll get better reviews. Just put a little one in the top left corner or something.

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Credits & Info

3.65 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2009
5:56 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle