Virus (Snake)

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Its a remake of a classic game snake with a whole new different twist. It still retains the classic 2d map but in this new version you can go through the ends of a map and appear on the other sides. There are also powerups health bonuses and walls that block your path! It is highly addictive so start playing!

The game features responsive movement, over 4 powerups, random map generator (more harder ones at higher level), and a whole load of fun =).


A computer virus was created by an unknown elite hacker who calls himself "white". The virus is very deadly as it can self produce itself the moment it is destroyed. It consumes all that it can find in a computer. Worse still, the virus has spread almost worldwide! but the good thing is you control the virus so go ahead and wreck other ppls comps. BWAHAHAHA


Use WASD/ARROW Keys - control character/navigate
Use SPACEBAR - accept/ pause


Love It

It's smooth and playable, but it's still snake so it gets boring fast. it needs something like 'pazzaz", something that will really keep people playing. Still really good.

iluvAS responds:

yeah i would like to add more stuff too but the code was a lil too laggy for me to add any more stuff =( i ll learn to optimse soon enuf and watch out for moar awesomer games =)

Classic centipede fun

A lot of fun, man. Good job.

iluvAS responds:

thankz for the review =)

Fun but...

Is it just me, or did the firewalls love to spawn right in front of you when you respawned and over the items?

This game was pretty fun and addicting. Though the shield item seemed to have a higher rate than the other items, and it seemed to stack. I don't know if that was intentional, but I don't think it should have stacked like that. As many of them as I picked up, I was able to just run through everything for about a minute without having to worry about it wearing off.

iluvAS responds:

yeah i guess so x3. but every thing is Math.random(); so it really is... random....mathematically XD. and about the shield well.. its kinda like an additional health boost but with the exception that when u hit into smth u dun have go back to initial position and start back with 0 temporary memory pieces. Then again its rate is still random. =3 and each shield powerup gives u 2 shields perhaps thats why u seem its too. yeah perhaps the shield is "too" powerful. shud had jus left it at each powerup gives u 1 shield. thankz for the detailed review though =)


This is really fun and addicting. The soundtrack is great too.

iluvAS responds:

thankz fur teh review =3

very nice game

good music 4 good game!!!
I love it!!!

iluvAS responds:

glad u liked it =)

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3.65 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2009
4:41 AM EDT
Skill - Collect