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EDIT: Woah, 10th place? Thanks to everyone who was supportive! ^_^

This took me 3 months to make, more than ever. Why? I did a whole lot of crap to make this. Coming up with the idea, making self-rejected versions, snapping the photography, voice acting,and finding appropriate audio. I did many, many, things that I decided were too bad for the movie... but in the end:

all I needed was inspiration.

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cocl sweet nice

the best vid i have ever seen no wonder it got in 10nth place i love it

someplaceelse responds:

thanks; it must be pretty good if it's the best video you've seen ^_^/

~ Review Request Club ~

~ Animation/Graphics ~

Not the best all around, but it looks like you're not a terrible artist. Everything needed improvement though. Drawings needed to be worked on a bit, animation needed to be worked on, etc.. Very rough drawings and animation all around. Making it smoother would have probably made this a bit better.

I did like the use of zooms that you used in the beginning though.

~ Story/Content ~

I really had no clue what was going on in this movie and it almost ruined the entire thing for me. I got over it though and just kind of accepted that it was a completely random submission. All of a sudden you just skipped out half way with the animation and just kept the passing by color. Ugh, I thought the submission itself was going to be better as it started, but the content really wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be.

~ Audio ~

The voice was good for the most part, but when you introduced the new song it was way too loud for the voice. The song should have been more ambient so you didn't have to pick your voice up over it too much. There was also some static right around that point also.

~ Overall ~

Basically improving the animation and graphics would have made this somewhat enjoyable for me.

~ Review Request Club ~

someplaceelse responds:

Thanx for reviewing!


I really like the voice acting in this movie. Even without subtitles it's all very easy to understand, even though your pronounciation could be a tab bit clearer. Sometimes you mumble a bit too much, but it still is quite easy to understand what you are saying.
There are some static sounds when the music starts and for a tiny second the voice is a bit hard to understand.
Also, towards the end of the flash you voice gets pretty quiet again. So it would be good if the voice had the same volume throughout the movie.

After the "inspiration" part the movie gets pretty surreal, but there are some very nice things in this part as well.
However, the part where the "/\" carried a gun and shot at that dinosaur (I guess it was a dinosaur... ^^) didn't look too good, as the entry wound appeard in front of the character and then literally moved towards him.

Too bad the animations sort of stop in the middle of the movie and we are left with some blue shades. It would be nice if you could came up with some animations there as well. Even if you have to cycle your previous animations, it still looks better than just some blue shades in my opinion.

{ Review Request Club }

someplaceelse responds:

Thanks this is all quite helpful!

It could use some more effort!

~~~Good Points~~~
~ The context of the flash was interesting
~ I did see that you put a lot of effort into this and the message behind the flash was very well done
~ The shading was quite good too!
~ A very nice preloader!
~ The music was brilliant!

~~~Bad Points~~~
~ The attention to detail I thought was a bit off
~ The voice was sort out...Out of place.
~ The guys walking was very strange! 0.o
~ The storyline got a tad confusing.

~ Give the background and the character much more detail
~ Try and fit your voice to where you are, E.G. You wouldn't sound like you were stood in your kitchen if you are in the desert
~ Fix the guys walking stances
~ It would have been nice if you could add some subtitles next time, as said before...The voice acting wasn't the best

~~~Other Comments~~~
~ I did like this flash, however some major improvements are needed

~ Overall I think you worked hard on this, however I find it hard to see how it paid off. Sure the flash's context is very good, but it was quite hard to understand, and the attention to detail was somewhat lacking.
~ I'd suggest improving this quite a lot. Then I'm sure it will be very good!


~[Review Request Club]~

someplaceelse responds:

Thanks for reviewing, all though at the beginning it's not a desert, it's more of a... I really don't know but the whole point of the location was that everything was still. I was just comparing it to a desert


It does show that you worked hard on this, and it's pretty good, too.

The graphics were OK; better than a lot of graphics in flash that I've seen recently, although some drawings were to rough and the handwriting at the end was really hard to read. I don't think you should make it text since it would ruin the feel of the movie, but you should try and make it neater (start by fixing that horrible looking 'n' :P). The animation was fine, just needs to be slightly smoother, especially when he was walking at the beginning.

The concept here is quite a nice concept, and played out pretty well. A little random, but the randomness actually made the movie better. I think the story at the end was hard to catch on though, you should work more on the storyline.

The voice acting here was great, and just the right loudness. I suggest that you add some reverb to them since by not moving his mouth I got the impression that he was relating the story in a flashback, and it sound better a little more echoey (PM me if you don't have a proper sound editor which can add reverb). The music used here was made by one of the best artists on NG XD, and it fit really well with the movie.

It's a really nice movie, showing how hard you worked on it, but the storyline at the end, the animation and the handwriting are what really need fixing over here.

-Review Request Club-

someplaceelse responds:

Hey, thanks for reviewing, I like your honesty; not only do you tell me what were the bad parts, and good parts of it, but you actually suggest on what to do to improve it ,thanks to you I know what to work on now, the hand writing is hard to fix though, I don't know why; but it's just hard to write neatly, even in real life O_o.

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3.33 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2009
7:20 PM EDT