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A Mcdonalds Thing

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Ok so I fixed the timing on it...kind of...and tried following "some" of the advice I got from the last one...So here you go!

NOTICE: Anything you don't like in the movie let me know so i can do better next time!...Failure makes me better yay! ^^

Another notice, Mostly did this too put the skit up on ng...plus I dont like drawing thats why a lot of it'a stick figures :s...

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Petty cool

It was pretty good, didn't get boring and was pretty funny. Loved how it was random, just seemed a bit short and ended kinda quickly.

AwesomenessRob responds:

God there is no pleasing you people X_X first one was too long last one was too short...which means time to go in the middle! Thanks for the info :)


It has some humor, but the story is really hard to follow. I had no idea what was going on the entire time. Also, I dont know what the purpose in referencing McDonalds was. If you make the animation smoother, and make the plot easier to follow, it will be better. It can still be random and pointless, just make it Easier to follow.

AwesomenessRob responds:

Will do, Btw! The McDonald's reference is in the beginning. ;)

another one


AwesomenessRob responds:

Lol I'll make another one after I have a break X_X

Black Sabbath, FUCK YES!!!

Just fix up the additional audio section and you're good to go.

Black Sabbath "Fairies Wear Boots".

I've seen your other stuff, it's kinda funny, but still enough to get a passing grade from me. Also, if you add in the right kind of music (such as Black Sabbath) that is an assured passing grade from me. All in all, try not having the audio and movie skip around. Like the audio isn't really synced up with the movie.

AwesomenessRob responds:

Will do :P Next time anyways