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The Morph!

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Author Comments


Here is my FBF morph movie.


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The music made this SO much better

cheesebizkit responds:

yep, dis some basic shit

Pretty good

Looks like it too some time. Good drawing in flash and I THINK THE DETAIL IS FINE there darklight17. Anyway i anticipate future projects.

cheesebizkit responds:

thanks a bunch (of bananas)

Nice work...

Its a well thought out piece. The concept is very original and you portrayed it quite well. Lines could've been a bit more detailed but graphics (although black and white) were good too.

Animation was pretty smooth and it looks like u put in a decent effort to make it like this.

The ending is a bit abrupt, maybe you could make the lines slowly build up the word, The MORPH adn add some hidden details or something. Dunno, just an idea.

Audio was great too, and it blended in well with the animation.

Overall, its a good decent effort. Keep it up...

-Review Request Club-

cheesebizkit responds:

hey thanks for the comments

Pretty good :).

It's a nice movie, and I enjoyed it quite a bit, although a few defects put the score down quite a bit.

The animation was smooth in general, and there was a variety of different FBF animation to stop the movie from getting boring, so good job over there. The graphics were great too, but if you made the lines thinner, adding maybe some more detail here and there, and make it less rough, it'd look much better. Also, as Haggard said, the graphics started getting worse towards the end. Also, colours would be a nice touch.

As far as I know, this is an original concept, and you did it really well. There was a variety of different faces an looked cool throughout, with some nice ideas. Still, this didn't really look much like a morph but more like someone trying to draw a face but never draws it decently so has to rub it off loads of times until settling with the final one. It'd sound more like a morph if you used and animated existing lines instead of drawing some, rubbing them off and drawing new ones. Also, this is pretty short, and if you give it more variety, it'd boost your score up quite a bit.

*Goes and checks what the song sounded like*. The song really fit with this animation, and wasn't too quiet or too soft. It kind of ended suddenly at the end though, so maybe if you make this flash longer until you get to the ending of the song or at a part where the song will end without sounding abrupt, it'd make the ending sound better, and it would make the flash a little longer too. Either that, or you could add a replay button and the song keeps playing until the viewer presses it.

It's a cool flash, with a good idea put into it, nice music, and good animation and variety, but it lacks detail, smooth graphics and a non-sudden ending. Other than those, this is pretty well done :).

-Review Request Club-

cheesebizkit responds:

thanks for the insight, keep writing big ass reviews

Needs more detail

I think that it's not really a morph - you're not moving the existing lines into new, more interesting shapes, you're taking lines out and putting new ones in.

I'd have suggested that you put more colours into the piece itself, giving a more impressive look to the finished product. Also, have you considered zooming in and using a finer pointer for drawing with - you have used quite a thick pointer, so that the look shows a sharper, more focussed approach.

The music was a good choice, but it might need more of a direction, as opposed to the random switching between images.

[Review Request Club]

cheesebizkit responds:

hey thanks, it was my first flash after all and it certainly wasn't planned out in any way, so I wasn't really going for any focussed idea.

thank you and keep watching the skies!

Credits & Info

3.63 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2009
5:53 AM EDT