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DB Animated Flash(AF) pt1

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For those who saw my 1st DBAF flash movie note: This movie is not the sequel from the 1st I made before. This movie is like the manga but it still different from the manga (video wise). This is the beginning of the DBAF series in a flash video. So, please do not expect a lot of fighting in this one there for it is the beginning. Well I hope for those who watch it enjoy it and let me know what you think of the video (good or bad comments I don't really care). Honest is always good in my book...

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where is part 2 its been 2 years too long!!!! nooo!! kakarooot!!




this is awesome i cant wait for next eps , can you put this on youtube aswell please.

Good movie but a bit flawed.

goku slepping with a kai is kind out there and btw what happed to goku at the end of gt he was still a kid, but other then the story gaps grate db movie.