9/11 memorial flash

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Newgrounds today marks the 8th year that has passed since the great American tragedy of the World Trade Center terrorist attack's occurred... I am sorry that I can not be more cheery with you in this description of my memorial movie, but I am overcome with grief. I don't like talking about it, but a close friend of mine was working in the office that day... Well. I just couldn't let his memory not be celebrated today... We will all miss you always Frank, please never forget the tragic events that occurred 9/11/01...

Amen and God bless you Newgrounds for watching. Please take a moment out of your day to remember this great tragedy... Peace be upon you..


......my god-

My uncle was a fire man in the 9/11 attacks...he died...and I am disgusted by this...

i don't know

It's funny but that is a serious matter nopt a joking matter so that takes away from any thing funny so i don't like it

How terrible....

How could you even joke about that? This entire video was offensive to every American, especially people who were in New York that day...

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9/11 Memorial Flash

That was just downright offensive and disrespectful. If you call that a memorial, you should be ashamed. That was a slap in the face to those who died on that day.

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Peace be upon you...

While all this is comes down to replaying the video over and over and over again.

I won't pretend that the people in the WTC "died for our freedom"..that makes no sense. But have some respect for the dead.

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