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Author Comments

A simple dodge game. Move the mouse and the white orb will follow.

If you get hit twice without 45 seconds passing since you were last hit the orb will break and the round ends.

If you move around too much the orb will get slowed down, stay still a short while to restore speed.

This game requires a rather good CPU, but if you have a new rig and don't play in too high resolution it should work fine. The target FPS is 30, if you play in 10 fps or something you might just want to stop playing. There are A LOT of calculations per frame in this game, and the fact that flash is bad at rendering doesn't help.

Since flash in general is slow with rendering you shouldn't play this game in too high resolution.

Possible improvements:

+ Including instructions on how to increase the frame rate.
Setting the quality to "low", lowering the resolution, downloading the game and playing it in a flash player, a button to change the scale mode...

+ Changing the good/great/wow points a little.
I set them too high for most people. It was the last thing I did in the game, I should have tested a bit more. But it's not too far out, after all - it should take lots of skill to get a "great" score. My best (at writing moment) is "02:37, 1470 points, 3 hits, 28.0 fps". I don't expect anybody to ever reach the "wow" points though (3000p = 05:00 minutes @ 30.0 fps)... If you reach "great" (1800p = 03:00 minutes @ 30.0 fps) you can say that you have beat the game. As you can tell I still have a bit to go before beating my own game.

+ Fixing the layers.
Right now all layers can get filled, so if you play for a long while the graphics will begin to get weird and the game will start lagging. This could have been fixed but I got lazy and ignored it since people shouldn't be able to survive that long any way.

+ Option to remove alpha blending.
The main reason why the frame rate drops so much in higher resolution is because of the alpha blending on all trails. Flash scales it and then calculates everything pixel by pixel... it's just too much for todays processors.

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haha hey not bad
good idea... u just gotta add some music or somethin
its the only reason i got bored of it =P

not bad

well its nothing new, but a good time killer.

All in all is the gameplay okay, nothing other to say, the missles are funny too.

Life bar and energy bar do not show

Other than that it's a reasonably playable game.

Really interesting.

The only problem, obviously, is the variety. It gets a little old since the game isn't very exciting. You've got the animation and coding skills down though. The flash flowed perfectly. Take some time and make a long, in depth game, and it's probably gonna turn out badass.

- michelinman

I like it.

This is a neat game, and definitely amps the creativity / difficulty / variety of the common avoider way up.

My biggest issue that's easily fixed would be the lack of music and sound effects. That would really round this game out.

Credits & Info

4.69 / 5.00

Sep 11, 2009
8:20 AM EDT