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A bus stop thing

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This is mostly a skit I threw together one day, decided to try to animate it...failed horribly :|

ANYWAYS!!! If someone could tell me how to spell reunion that'd be great since I don't want to look it up X_X.

ANYWAYS AGAIN! Sorry for editing the music track it was the only way I could make it fit into the movie :c and it needed background music otherwise...well just trust me it needed it. Ok have fun watching :)

Oh one more thing :s...Yes I'm new to flash so try and go a little easy...or not I don't really give a shit lol XD. Also I just realized i forgot to put in a stop all sounds action thingy fuck -_-

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Please rethink your jokes. Please continue develop your jokes. Please cut down the runtime. None of this is anything that hasn't already been said. Originality is solid. Please stop it from looping while I'm sitting here typing this review, lol.

AwesomenessRob responds:

Eh, I would stop it but...the files so big it lags my comp like fuck...sooo...just put up with it for a lil :s

Was funny but...

I found this was actually funny except it just ran for too long. Maybe if it was shortened or cut up into 2 parts it might have been better. Jokes and animation was simplistic but funny and I found myself laughing at it but started to get a little tired after a while. This is good stuff but just runs too long.

AwesomenessRob responds:

Well I'm making a shorter one...maybe that'll cheer you up? Thats the last thing i make fucking 7 minutes though it was hell with lag X_X.

Everything but animation...

Your writing skills and jokes are simple and humorous... Maybe if you found someone who knows a thing or two about flash you could team up and make something funny. Otherwise its just not that amusing to watch but funny to listen to.

AwesomenessRob responds:

It would help if i had connections with someone who likes animating :3...Especially because I'd get the easy part >:3

Not bad

Some really funny stuff in there, it was hella long though. And if you could get someone else to do voice work that would make your work so much better. Sorry, but characters that sound like Fred really makes something kind of suck. The animation was not bad either, a little "egoraptor-y" but i'm sure you'll slip into your niche someday. You have a pretty good sense of humor though, keep cranki'n shit out!

AwesomenessRob responds:

Lol the only reason it sounds like fred was cuz if i didn't speed it up it would be too long of a skit and it sounds really messed up with it normal pitch so yeah >_< I started working on a shorter one but...it's still random and only has my voice for right now :|

i like the music

other than that it was pretty much horrible

AwesomenessRob responds:

Eh...I didn't really like the music. It was just the only short thing I could find.