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Medieval Escape

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It is the 20th of July in the year of our Lord 1542. You are Geoffrey Colbury, prisoner of the King. You were being accused of heresy by a high templer without any reason.

Tomorrow you shall burn at the stake... UNLESS you are able to escape the dungeon where you are trapped...

Click your way to freedom!

Update 11-09-2009
- Fixed some typing errors

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walkthrough is broken , good puzzles in the game

game is broken. It starts you off in the second room, leaving you no way to advance, since the items in inventory don't work. Played this on another site, and frankly, the "riddles" were ridiculous. The first one was logical, but the second and third ones were impossible to discern from the clues. Had to cheat to get the answers, and even then, they made no sense whatsoever. Poor structure, okay game play, but 0 stars since it doesn't work on NG.

Is there something wrong? I start out in the second room every time. I clicked a video walkthrough (by the way, the walkthrough link doesn't work) and they start out in a different room than I do. It must be why I can't use some items that were already in my inventory?

Very Good

I enjoyed this one, but found the riddle too elusive. Navigation was good, graphics good. Not enough usable items.

Well done

Excellent game, but the last riddle is way too vague. I can think of two dozen alternative answers off the top of my head (love, pride, mortality, woman if we're being medieval, etc.) most of which made as much or more sense than the actual answer.

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3.02 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2009
6:08 PM EDT