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Edit: Thanks for the feature Tom :).

Dive deep into the colorful atmosphere and get ready to conquer the ocean. Deep is a game that combines both the shooter and strategy genre. You have to fight your way from the top to the bottom of the ocean in 15 challenging levels. An underwater clash of creatures that doesn't only rely on your shooter skills, but also makes you think strategically.

Real time strategy meets shooter!



A combination of bubble tanks and several other games into one sweet machine. Rather short, like bubble tanks, but some amazing boss fights, and bubble tanks only had one boss. Truly great, all you people who don't like, I'm sorry but you must stink, because its great

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Very interesting, but I do wish it was longer.

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A message to thePR

You should have a high end computer you poor bastard if your low end crap cant handle a game dont play idiot just go fucking eat your rocks or whatever the hell you poor people eat anyway sorry the game is great but the bosses are kinda hard i like the grahics its very nice calming until you get barraged by bullets >:(


Its fun.

not very considerate...

know that not everybody has a high end computer, you need to give players the option to choose different qualities so the game would still be playable when bullets are flying everywhere w/o lagging
not enough info available for the upgrades.. for example..increase hp.. but by how many %?
and finally the acutal battle is a little too long and repetitive for me
it was fun at first but quickly becomes dull, but its good enough to keep me playing for a few lvls.. so good job

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3.99 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2009
9:47 AM EDT
Strategy - Other