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Global Warming 4 Dummies

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This is the first flash i've ever submitted. I've been working on it for some time now, and today i decided to put it up. There have been some problems with the sound going in and out of sync, but i hope that it's not too shabby.

I know the graphics aren't "Supa fly/crisp/whatever" but that's not my top priority, hence my user name.

I Intend to make a few more of these, but with different subjects.

Enjoy - I Hope you like it.

-Thomas/Bad Animations.


I like your humor

Its quite a good work for your first flash. 'Course the animation or your technique in general isn't perfect, but i like the good spirit behind it. It made me laugh, and it doesnt need good graphics to do that. I think you should continue. Keep improving your technique though, because you just HAVE to make it look better, to be taken really seriously. It doesnt have to be complex, but you have to develop your own style. I think your humor and the way you made THIS flash are a GREAT fundamentation for further work. Thumps up

Pretty good.

I know myself flash is hard so atleast 2 points to get it to work,
then you have audio,which is pretty funny 3 more points,
your animation isn't the greatest,but its hard,2 points
and it did say for dummys and I think you may have shown the gist of the reason,
so 1 point for a story. 8/10 4/5


Your username fits.


wasnt bad but wasnt top of the line either, good work for a first submission anyway. ___ for dummies stuff could work, i like where your goin there and it'd be cool if you make more submissions like this. . but only things i suggest to get onto are the artwork and the humor.. maybe just a bit more detail and work on the tweening.. with the jokes try not to drag them out too much and just think through the lines a lil more. + one thing people do is add where it could of been funny and kill it.. example would be the bit with the asian guy that was following the ozone to mars and you were like "and the chinese guy comes too" or whatever, scene change straight away.. dont sort of break then go "yess.." because shows your ackowledging your own joke too much and makes it kinda tacky u know what i mean?
your style kinda reminds me of 'Teen girl squad' on the homestarrunner website..
but its cool this wasnt too bad keep at it & GL

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Not too bad!

The animation was poor, but the storys depth and length made up for it by far. Just work on the animating skills and you should be putting out some good stuff soon. Good luck


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2.18 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2009
8:54 AM EDT
Comedy - Original