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Incase you think that this is actual porn, it isn't. It's a joke vid Inferno came up with a few years back, but he removed the video for no apparent reason.

So we've decided to upload it to NG. Why? Because you guys are just that awesome and deserve every laugh this will give you.

15 FPS.

And please don't get mad. It's only a joke.


Oh and please leave some reviews.

UPDATE: 9/24/10 7:59 A.M.

The format has changed from Bitmap file streaming to FLVs, the framerate has changed from 15 to 30, the Width has changed from 550 to 600 and the height has changed from 400 to 350.

As a result, the file size has been reduced from 9.4 MB's to 2.7 MB's.

SINcerely yours,


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Yeah, I knew it wasn't going to show actual porn. It would have had an Adult Content rating if you did. Besides, you'd never get away with it without being flagged. I thnk the image resolution was too low. That was, of course, most likely part of the joke. I don't know what Jack Black's doing at the end.

What a coincidence. I'm just now lookingat an article about Jack Black the rat catcher. Serious. It's hard to really say anything bad, because you certainly succeeded in your goal. I like how you are from a group called Crap Flash.

Psychopath responds:

It's the "Crap Flash Crew".

Also, yes, we could totally get away with submitting adult content with an inappropriate rating, the staff have internal conflicts on what they define adult content as, they even broke one of Tom's personal rules regarding the art portal and reached a consensus to let porn enter the Art Portal unchallenged despite such a notion being one of the golden rules at the time. There is also no "flagging" system either, the whistle has been broken in that capacity ever since the launch of the redesign in 2012. You are so fucking retarded it's amazing.

Every time you do this, you go onto some unrelated, retarded tangent only slightly related to the content. By this point, I'd rather be criticized by an autist because at least then they could remain on topic. Speaking of which, the thing Black Jack was doing at the end is called "Masturbation". I'd figured I'd clarify that for you since you are, apparently, a castrate.


Rockstar sperm for sale!!! XD HILARIOUS!!!

Oh god

You got me good...

I liked the bit with Jack Black selling sperm lol.

Too simple

It's kind of funny, but it's just a video clip ended with a photoshop picture. Granted it's a funny idea, but i think you could've done more with it.

- michelinman

Psychopath responds:

We did do more with it, you just didn't sit through the whole thing.