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After 3 long years of sleepless nights and near fatal set backs, Exmortis 3 has finally been released. I have put my heart and my soul in to this creation, so I hope more than anything that you enjoy this tale of revenge and salvation.

Over to you now, my friends...



Ive waited 3 years and ive already payed for it ive only started playing it about an hour ago and im sucked in to it now XD 5/5 666/10 XD

awesome game

trial or no, i wont buy it, but this game rocks, to bad i cant get past the wiring with the shutter, i mean like what the heck, my bro's an electrician, he didnt knew!
pm me please so i can finish the demo


way more in depth that the first two, amazing job Ben! something i would def consider paying for the full version of.

as for getting off anyones lawn, that jerks been here 2 months, he can bitch when he has put more time in. you are more than welcome on THIS lawn anytime :)


Hi Ben,

The quality of your games never ceases to improve. This third installment of the EM series makes no exception. It feels very professional. The sounds are amazing and they match the exceptional artwork. I can't emphasize enough how I am amazed by the quality of the game.

The interface is polished and intuitive. There is a lot of attention to details so that every element blends in. One particular example is the button to close the 3rd sense video: it is a "x" in a circle, all animated and it feels like fire. It is reminiscent of an occult symbol. Nice one.

The only small negative point is the navigation, which could have been a bit clearer. Sometimes there is a red arrow indicating that we can progress in that direction... sometimes, there is nothing to indicate that we can move forward or examine closer an object of interest. I think the furnace is one example of a location that is not highlighted by any sort of visual hint. So I personally feared that I had missed something. As I said, no big deal though...

As a "point-and-click adventure game" developer myself, I just can't imagine the amount of work and sleepless nights devoted to the making of this game. It is quite an achievement. I am impressed and respect you a lot for your work, not just this episode, but this whole journey that started what? 5 or 6 years ago...

In view of the quality of the game and all the efforts involved, I understand that you try to go commercial and I wish you the best of luck. This whole monetary problem prevented me from making more games and forced me to publish games of lower quality than what I was aiming for. I see that you didn't make that compromise and always delivered high-quality games.

I also juggled with the idea of demo vs full games, freeware vs donationware vs commercial. etc. without being able to make my mind about these issues. I've rapidly read the comments from the previous reviewers and I think that there is a lot of truth in some of them. Newgrounds and your previous fanbase were instrumental in the previous ExMortis's success. They brought exposure to a dedicated community that freely advertised your games via word of mouth. But do you really owe your fans something? Do you owe them more free games because the first two were successful? I don't think so. You provided them with two free games that you develop yourself at the expense of your personal life/leisure time. If you choose another path and to explore the pay-to-play avenue it is ok and you are entitled to. ExMortis is your creation. It doesn't belong to the fans who should be grateful for the first two episodes, that's it.

Be that as it may, a demo might not have been the best choice. It is indeed a good way to alienate some players. It might have been more judicious to develop a mini-chapter that could be played as a stand-alone and/or served as an introduction in the full-scale game. I don't know. I am not throwing you the first rock here (you didn't do anything bad). I'm just brainstorming out loud.

Anyway, congrats again dude.


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The Best Part

was that the preloader was so happy and colorful and the game scared the shit out of me sometimes

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Sep 8, 2009
11:32 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click