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Yeahhhhh.... It's a bit of a setback to the random floating creatures days haha. Except this one has a story. Just figure it out.
Did this one in 3 days as a little pause from Zimmi EP 2.

I still hope you enjoy it :3

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Sooo psychedelic!

No, seriously, dude! You ARE a freakin' genius!!!
Your animations - I just can't find words to describe what they make me feel.
They are better then sex, drugs, and Jim Morrison put together in blender and mixed with vanilla and strawberries. I'm dead serious.


i could not follow the story but drawings were AMAZING!

Enjoyable to an extent

This was a bit different than most of the things you make in terms of what happens in the movie. Yet the same in the style of the movie. A bunch of strange colorful aliens doing hard to understand things in a strange random environment. You do this a lot in your cartoons and I like it. But what I did not enjoy about this one was the fact that so little was happening. Plus it was pretty short.

Rutger responds:

minimalism c:

thanks though, i get what you mean.

By your Comments, success?

It was about average. good animation, but gross lack of plot. by your comments the flash is supposed to be "random floating creatures" which it succeeded at, and "has a story," which i am sorry, it kind of fails at.

I agree that there was some sort of story going on, but as a viewer, im danged if i can figure out what it is.

oh, and the sound effects could use some work, Mario noises over a squeaky space theme just doesn't do it for me.

Rutger responds:

yeah it doesn't matter.
i don't get how this thing got so much attention lol

Should I be high?

It was an interesting flash.
But I just didn't get it.
An alien crash lands on a planet, the alien searches through crash shrapnel/wreckage, and finds a squid-like creature.
After that I just have no understanding.

However, the mystery of this flash coupled with the great animation gets you 8/10,

Rutger responds:

thanks man!

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3.11 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2009
3:56 PM EDT